Bikini Warriors fanservice compilation v2

Fighter, Paladin, Mage, and Dark Elf accept the quest of saving the world. They fight against numerous monsters in their sexy and scantily-clad bikinis.

Bikini Warriors is a Japanese media franchise. It primarily consists of a series of fantasy figures created by Hobby Japan and Megahouse. An anime series began airing on July 7, 2015 and concluded on September 23, 2015 with 12 5-Minute Episodes, with an additional 13th Episode bundled with the BD/DVD Release. On December 7, 2016 2 additional OVA’s were released introducing the Cleric and Kunoichi characters. This release also contained 6 of the original episodes with altered scenes turning previous teasing to full-blown nudity. The show revolves mostly around JRPG clich├ęs particularly Dragon Quest but… I doubt anyone decided to watch this show for its riveting plot. The fanservice is obviously the biggest selling point of this anime.

So you may have noticed that the usual video player is different. Unfortunately has relentlessly blocked any attempt of mine to upload this to my channel. I’ve tried about 7 times and I fear if I keep on trying they might just delete my whole account… which they eventually did but I managed to get it restored. So I had to go for an alternative and I remembered seeing one of my FC’s hosted on a Russian site awhile back hosted/embedded with this player. I really would prefer having it on but eventually something like this was bound to happen. So far from what I’ve seen it’s a pretty good player it even has a neat feature that lets you adjust the playback speed it is pretty terrible on mobile though.

This new version of the compilation contains all 15 episodes released so far and the 6 additional re-edited versions. I would have finished it earlier but I was waiting for a rip from a group whose quality I can trust. Changes have been made to the entirety of the video to give the compilation more focus on the best service scenes. Initially I was planning to simply replace the changed scenes and remove the censored scenes. But seeing as they’re not simple re-draws both were kept in. The original version of the scene will play first followed up immediately with the updated/uncensored version. Oh one last thing I also added chapters to the file to ease seeking.

Every episode in Bikini Warriors is self-contained never acknowledging any of the events that take place during the other entries. Making the show episodic and practically plotless. What’s great with these short-length shows is that when they revolve around fanservice, there is barely any room for anything else. So instead of waiting for 20 minutes to see if something will happen you’re pretty much guaranteed great service under 10 minutes. One interesting aspect of Bikini Warriors is that each of the individual characters were designed by a different artist. The cast is comprised of Fighter (designed by Hisasi), Paladin (designed by Onigiri-kun), Mage (designed by saitom), and Dark Elf (designed by Non Oda). Also Hunter (designed by Rei Hiroe) and Valkyrie (designed by Tony Taka) show up a couple times.


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