Guardian Hearts fanservice compilation

Hina, otherwise known as Guardian Hearts, is sent to Earth with strict orders not to let anyone find out her identity. However Hina is seen transforming as soon as she lands on Earth by a boy named Kazuya.

Guardian Hearts is a romantic comedy manga penned and illustrated by Sae Amatsu, which was serialized from 2001 to 2005 spanning 8 volumes. An anime adaptation was released in 2003 helmed by KSS (Now defunct studio absorbed by Soft Garage whose work includes Variable Geo, Golden Boy, and Doukyuusei 2) and Venet (Relatively Minor Studio mostly known for assistance work on KSS’s earlier work) consisting of 6 15-Minute OVA’s. Two years later in 2005 a sequel was released titled Guardian Hearts Power UP! consisting of 4 15-Minute OVA’s. While the first series was mainly comedic; the second series was a bit more plot-oriented featuring a proper antagonist and a fair share of action.

This show is fanservice gold I always love how ecchi series with shorter run-time run wild with the service keeping plot and character arcs to a minimum. While there is a lot of nudity I do have to inform you that it is all blanks, no nipples in this series or its sequel. I really enjoyed the girls in this series particularly Maya who was easily Best Girl. Kugimiya Rie voices Hina the female lead in a really early role of hers this was way before she rose to huge prominence from roles like Shana, Louise, Alphonse, or Kagura. I really wish I could have come across a source with better quality. I scoured the internet for hours on multiple sites but came upon empty-handed… and the sequel’s source quality is even worse but that just comes with the territory of obscure forgotten series.


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