Guardian Hearts Power UP! fanservice compilation

Two new girls appear, from a rocket no less, and one of them claims to be Kazuya’s fiancĂ©e! Amidst all this, a new enemy makes her presence known, forcing the girls to turn against each other while draining their innocence away.

Guardian Hearts is a romantic comedy manga penned and illustrated by Sae Amatsu, which was serialized from 2001 to 2005 spanning 8 volumes. An anime adaptation was released in 2003 helmed by KSS (Now defunct studio absorbed by Soft Garage whose work includes Variable Geo, Golden Boy, and Doukyuusei 2) and Venet (Relatively Minor Studio mostly known for assistance work on KSS’s earlier work) consisting of 6 15-Minute OVA’s. Two years later in 2005 a sequel was released titled Guardian Hearts Power UP! consisting of 4 15-Minute OVA’s. While the first series was mainly comedic; the second series was a bit more plot-oriented featuring a proper antagonist and a fair share of action.

This season kicks off with 2 new characters being introduced and shortly after sets up an antagonist plot. Then awkwardly pauses the plot with the 3rd OVA instead focusing on a cosplay episode, not that I’m complaining we get great service from the girls. Overall still a great service ride with great gals, Shame its obscurity gives way for mediocre rips.


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DDL: 480p