Kirameki Project fanservice compilation

In the Kingdom of Genes there are three princesses, and each princess has her own gift. Above all, Kana the second princess is a genius of robot technology.

Kirameki Project an Original 5-Episode OVA by Studio Fantasia released back in 2005 Directed by Katsuhiko Nishijima (The man who directed Project A-ko, AIKa, Najica, and more recently Nozoki Ana) a simple mecha parody by Studio Fantasia so expect fanservice aplenty. Most of the fanservice comes from the blonde middle child Nene who dons a skimpy pink battle suit throughout the series and is easily the only reason why anyone should watch this other than that most of the female cast has some pretty minor service. One noteworthy thing to mention this show went with blank nudity. However June the female Mech has a scene where she is in a giant bathhouse and has some barely visible nipples But shes a giant mech.

In a world where giant rude robots are commonly used to fight wars a giant Handcrafted robot appears that defeats the major armies of the world. Meanwhile in a kingdom where 3 sisters reign in peace and harmony there is a secret that they keep from the rest of the world until they must use a Doll-looking robot to protect their nation, even when her creator refuses to put her friend in danger.


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