Medaka Box Abnormal fanservice compilation

Kurokami Medaka’s and Unzen Myouri’s fight ends with Medaka’s victory. However, this merely ignites the powder keg resulting from the mysterious Flask Plan.

The Second Season of Gainax’s Adaptation of Medaka Box (Written by Nisio Isin and Illustrated by Akira Akatsuki). Medaka Box Abnormal aired in 2012, and consisted of 12 Episodes. The first 11 Episodes cover the entire Thirteen Party Arc, and the last episode focuses on Kumagawa Misogi’s time at Suisou Academy. Service wise obviously Medaka takes up most of the screen-time, Kikaijima near the end has some nice shots in a swimsuit, Koga has a bunch of great service scenes. I personally love Medaka Box, I will admit that it starts off rather weak but this arc was great. It really is a shame that the Minus Arc will go unadapted due to the low sales of this series.

This Season kicks off with the Flask Plan and the introduction of the Thirteen Party. Medaka resolves to oppose the Flask Plan, and she and the other members of the Student Council descend into the academy’s underground facilities to challenge the Abnormal’s participating in the plan. After a series of difficult battles in which Medaka’s own Abnormality is finally identified, the Student Council is able to put an end to the Flask Plan. Their success is short-lived however, as the chairman immediately falls back on a new method for the Flask Plan centered around Misogi Kumagawa, the one person even Medaka could not save.


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