Megami Tengoku fanservice compilation

Mama Megami’s successor appoints Lilith to be one of her guardians. Her first assignment is to recruit two worthy guardians. Meanwhile, paradise is under attack by an evil goddess.

Studio Fantasia released this OVA in 1995 based on a Videogame released for the PC Engine. Megami Tengoku came before AIKa with many of the same staff working on this. Particularly the Director (Katsuhiko Nishijima) and Character Designer (Noriyasu Yamauchi). The ending stitches were made by me, and came out a lot better than the ones in Honoo no Labyrinth’s Fanservice Compilation. There are some shots of Nudity one during Juliana’s introductions where she straight up destroys a Short-Haired Chick’s top while sparring, and later near the end when Lilith loses her clothes.


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DDL: 480p