Sweet Guy manga fanservice compilation

Sweet Guy cover1

A total loser gains an unusual super-power after an electrical accident.  It has many uses, but none more important than driving almost any woman who touches him insane with desire.

The manga has an unusual presentation style with very tall columns and tons of empty space.  To make the fanservice more digestible I used a photo-editor to make the scenes more compact.


Sweet Guy  (29 chapters, ongoing)



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Despite the manga’s title, the protagonist here is actually a bit of a creep.  He lacks social awareness and interpersonal skills.  He loses his temper easily and is vindictive.  He also uses his newfound powers to take advantage of several attractive women often without a pang of guilt.

But at the same time, this very human depiction of the characters makes the story incredibly engrossing, and for a manga that is clearly meant as fap material, the story is full of twists and turns and is genuinely thought-provoking.  It’s a very addictive read.

You can see the latest updates translated in high quality at Yomanga.