Azur Lane Episode 4 Fanservice Review

Hello everyone, we are here with episode 4 of Azur Lane. If you have been keeping up with the show (or reviews…) then you might have taken note in the drop of quality as far as the animation goes. This doesn’t mean that it’s always hard on the eyes to look at, just that in some scenes when it drops, you’ll notice it pretty well. Anyway, this episode didn’t have much service either but it’s worth mentioning seeing as it’s focused on the Sakura Empire and who doesn’t love the country of the rising sun? It’s certainly very beautiful to look at.

Here we have Kako to the left and Furutaka on the right. They’re both common ships so nothing too special. Although they both have a retrofit which interestingly enough increases their bust sizes. Then below we have Souryuu and Hiryuu, both are elite but they don’t really stand out for me.

Then we get the Doggo trio, Yukikaze the great, Yuudachi and Shigure. It’s great to finally see these three but unfortunately this also happens to be the episode where the overall quality drops.

Really like Shoukaku’s whole Senpai gag, It’s overall pretty funny to see. Zuikaku is going over the whole “My honor has been disgraced…” so she awaits the next battle.

We get to see how the great Enterprise wakes up in the morning thanks to everyone’s favorite maid Belfast.

A smile from Belfast is a great start to anyone’s morning. It’s also a part of complete breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, do you see how good it looks? Delicious Royal Navy Breakfast made by Belfast, could there be nothing greater?

Ning Hai and Ping Hai have opened up a shop that sells steam buns. Seems like good business but now that I think about it, it doesn’t seem likely that they would charge the faction that saved them. Whatever the case, it’s nice to see them get screen time.

A upset Hammon is the true meaning of life, just kidding but it’s still great to see her expressions.

Nothing more beautiful then a maid showing you her determination. Enty and Bel are now getting shipped. No really, they are, just check twitter and the like and you’ll see fan art.

Finally we have my favorite battle cruiser, The Great Nagato. You can also see her little sister Mutsu to her left and Kawakaze to her right.

I don’t stick my dick in crazy but I wouldn’t judge those who do, hell I’m one of them, just not for this crazy.

It’s pretty nice to see the lives of Sakura Empire ships, it allows you to see both sides of the opposing factions. It really just goes to show you that they’re no different then the rest of the world that’s at war. We also see Takao doing her training regiment. It’s too bad she suffers the most in quality throughout the episode.

We also get to finally see the infamous shopkeepers of the game. Here we have Shiranui keeping tabs on the manju. It’s also funny to see the exchange between Shiranui and the two Royal Navy girls that are undercover. Later we get to see our favorite gem stealer Akashi get into some trouble.

Akashi stumbles upon the secret that Akagi and Kaga have been working on in the sidelines. We’re also introduced to one of the Sirens known as the Observer. kinda cute but weird, honestly. But you can’t say you wouldn’t smash more crazy at this point.

After witnessing that weird exchange that happened between the Observer and Akagi, Akashi tries to sneak away only to be caught by Kaga. If it weren’t for Sheffield intervening , Akashi would have become a Akashi sandwich.

This has gotta be the highlight of the Episode, at least for me. I thought originally that the reason why Akagi was surprised was because she wasn’t expecting another kick after dodging the first one but no, that is not the case. It turns out Sheffield as a maid likes to go commando so that surprise was from seeing a full frontal shot of Sheffield’s nopan in action, in otherwords…- It’s very effective!

This is where the quality as a whole seems to drop. It’s shame to because it looks like a good fight sequence. From what I heard there was only one animator for this episode which would explain a lot.

So they all stay in place while a explosion happens, the end. Well not exactly, they get away somehow and then we see a reused scene below because of budget cuts.

Overall the series seems to be having trouble with it’s overall pacing and with it’s drop in quality it doesn’t help the series at all. Of course this will all be fixed when the BD comes out but it’s still a shame to see such a crappy adaptation for such a great mobile game. Like before, I’ve been lagging on keeping up with the series with how much things have been going on but I’ll still try to do what I can to see this series and reviewing through! As always let me know who was your favorite ship in this episode or what was the highlight for you guys. Until next time, see ya.