Ganbare Douki-Chan Episode 1 Fanservice Review

“Step on me Douki-chan”

Ganbare Douki-chan is the latest self insert teasing anime, following in the steps of Miru Tights (same creator), One Room and Tawawa on a Monday. If you liked any of those series you’ll find some amusement in this, especially if you’re into adult working women showing off their mature sex appeal.

This is the titular Douki chan. She and a co-worker end up sharing a room on a business trip because of botched reservations.

I like the way her hands are positioned in this shot as the arms are wrapped around her knees, conveying a sense of embarrassment of being alone in a room with a male co-worker. This episode also has a rather sensual OST, the type that you might expect from a high budget porno that is way too cinematic to take entirely seriously.

Q: Will anonymous MC kun 1) cop a feel of this beautiful woman that is obviously inviting him to try something, or 2) pull the covers over her body and walk away. The answer should be clear to us ecchi veterans who have survived many a cocktease series with beta male characters.

I tried to turn this into a stitch, but the movement made this difficult. There’s a ton of differentiating frames in this one shot, not simply a static image as many ecchi scenes default into. I appreciate the effort and attention to detail here.

Q: Does MC-kun 1) run to hump Douki chan who is totally giving him them “fuck me” signal, or 2) go to sleep. 

It may be hard to tell from these shots, but the camera pans away from the two and you see the monitor vibrate after a loud crash. This would seem to imply that MC-kun did slide into Douki’s undercarriage, but she says otherwise the next morning.

In the post credit scene Douki and MC-kun seem to get frisky. But…

That’s a fakeout too. She only imagined getting railed by her partner, maybe to turn into reality later on.

My favorite kind of ecchi these days are the six-twelve minute short series that cut out all the unnecessary fluff – jokes that dont land, plot events that don’t matter, manufactured drama, and focus almost exclusively on T&A. This is going to be one of those shows and that has me excited.

For those who are wondering, I skimmed the source material to see if there was any nudity. The answer was a definitive “hell no” so don’t get your hopes up there. But there should be ample ass shots, feet close ups and sexy office women in lingerie trying to seduce one lucky salary man. If that’s your thing, you’re gonna wanna visit fapservice every monday this season for more.

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