Ganbare Douki-Chan Episode 2 Fanservice Review

Here Comes a New Challenger

Douki-chan continues her attempts to seduce stale male kun, to no avail. Not even being trapped in an elevator for two hours can coerce this dude to make a move. To make matters worse, a romantic rival appears with a mole on her exposed cleavage and a seductive smile. She also has a nice ass. Rough times for Douki chan.

Of course, this is just a fantasy. Stale male kun would never touch Douki-chan, he’s just too pure for that.

After sixty minutes of awkward silences in an elevator, the two are rescued by a waifu that is even sexier than Douki chan.

New girl is best girl. I don’t make the rules. She smiles like a villain and a mole on her right titty, what’s not to love. There’s another girl that’s supposed to be introduced here, judging by the promotional material, and I guess they’re all in love with this boring as hell main character for some reason. So we got a workplace harem on our hands folks, stay tuned.

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