Ganbare Douki-Chan Episode 3 Fanservice Review

Asserting dominance in the workplace

Douki chan feels threatened by a rival co-worker who is interested in the NPC MC. Unlike Douki, this girl shows no hesitancy in expressing her thirst for the MC.

Plot twist – what if mole boob girl is actually in love with Douki and is using the MC as a tool to get closer to her. That outcome would be infinitely more interesting than a harem around some unnamed dude without a face or voice.

The format for this show is predictable at this point  – constant teasing from adult office women, fantasies with the woman engaging in sexual activity, and a romance that goes nowhere.  It could up the ante later down the line, but I have my doubts. There’s still one girl left yet to be introduced. Hopefully she’s the sluttiest of them all.

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