Ganbare Douki-Chan Episodes 4-5 Fanservice Review

Illicit office romance intensifies

Despite my use of “intensifies” in the title, this is a fairly tame stretch of episodes even by the previous standards. So tame that I needed to combine two episodes together just to reach the media count for episode 1 and 2 separately. Not ideal, but hey lets take a look and what was delivered anyway.

Douki got wasted to end episode three, drowning her romantic sorrows out with booze. Her crush just so happens to be around to bring her home…but nothing happens.

On the eastern front you have the rival co-worker who also likes faceless MC-kun, desperately trying to coerce him into sex at every opportunity. Can Douki win his heart first? She will try.

Douki’s competition is rather stiff. I have no idea how she can compete with this.

After a promising first episode the fanservice has steadily dwindled in Douki chan. Not great for a show that has such a short run time that needs as much service as possible to make that time well spent. As an analogue, look at how much Tawawa on a Monday delivers on a weekly basis. I have some hopes things will get better as there’s a third girl who has yet to be unveiled, but we’ve all seen this story before of a show that starts off hot and tapers off into obscurity.

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