Ganbare Douki-Chan Episodes 6-7 Fanservice Review

Here comes a new challenger

Douki works up the courage to ask out senpai, but is yet again pussy blocked by an older seductive co-worker. Just like last review two episodes are combined into one post.

Douki’s reactions to being cucked are always so amusing. On the cusp of bringing senpai on a date, her manager interferes by tagging along.

That is the face of a woman who is not threatened by the competition, even in the slightest. Looking at her bust size I don’t blame her at all.

Will Douki ever get laid by her faceless senpai? Find out next time on Douki-chan Z. There were no gifs for this batch, because there weren’t any scenes with particularly expressive movement.  It is rare that I post a review without a gif. It is becoming more and more apparent that the first two episodes were a blip more so than a trend.

I thought the five minute per episode format would pay dividends for the show, because it encourages cramming as much ecchi teasing into a small window as possible (similar to Tawawa), but it seems the source material is rather tame and not a full blown ecchi to begin with. Here’s hoping it will surprise us soon.