Ganbare Douki-Chan Episodes 8-9 Fanservice Review

Some progress for our heroine Douki-chan

Douki has been a doormat all season long when it comes to her love for office senpai. In these two episodes she takes some small steps forward towards making her love known, and for once edges out her rivals.

We last left off with Douki and her co-workers going out for a drink. This was initially a date between Douki and her senpai, but of course the jealous admirers couldn’t allow that plan to prosper. Persevere Douki!

Finally, Douki has a golden opportunity to confess her love. Will she do it or will she fold. You probably know the answer.

Douki was not able to confess her love, but she at least can take solace in getting senpai to become aware of her feelings. That is unless he’s your typically dense MC.

Sorry Douki, but this is besto girl. Only by the power of divine intervention can our heroine hope to defeat such a gorgeous slut.

In what is probably the sexiest scene of this season, turns out to just be a nightmare by Douki. My yuri radar says Douki was fantasizing about the older woman more so than her senpai.

As you can see, Douki is nude in bed. She doesn’t normally sleep nude in bed. Does that mean she banged someone last night?

This is a way better result than Douki sleeping with the faceless MC. I ship it.

The actual story behind this is Douki getting drunk and needing some assistance back home, into bed. Her co-worker removes her clothing so that she can sleep comfortably. I don’t buy for one second that they did nothing together though, so my head canon is that Douki is a lesbian. What a welcomed twist.

These two episodes were great compared to previous weeks. I expressed some malaise covering the episodes that had maybe a handful of service worthy shots, so this was a welcomed sight. Hopefully it continues as we approach the finale.

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