It’s so…GOOD: Manyuu Hikenchou

Ahoy all! In an effort to expand this site’s content and bring about the subjugation of all perverted minds into my line of reasoning, I present to you volume 1 of “It’s so…GOOD”.  

This series will be covering specific ecchi titles that have appealed to me through-out the years. Outlines will include things like what a show excels at (i.e. art design and ecchiness), and synopsis of the show’s greatest moments. Today’s volume will be covering an ecchi anime that is Very dear to my heart, and perhaps a few other body parts… Manyuu Hikenchou.


First off, one must understand the ecchi anime environment at the time of Manyuu’s release. Besides the occasional great like Ikkitousen, or the advent of Seikon no Qwaser in 2010 raising and smashing the shit out of the ecchi bar, the community was going through a dry spell.

Cut to the summer season of 2011… a younger, more impressionable Weegee is bored and frustrated. Bored due to a lack of legitimate ecchi shows on radar, and Frustrated due to Seikon splinting minds and zippers a year earlier raising hopes for the future of “borderline” ecchi content. One day while perusing the erotic and occasionally disturbing halls of gelbooru, Weegee spies a gem.


Utterly blown away by the blatant and unabashed sexiness, I hit the Googles in an attempt to learn everything I could about this project. Not only did I find its name, but I learned that it was created by the same team of ecchi ceiling-breakers responsible for Seikon no Qwaser…

The now legendary Hoods Entertainment, under the direction of perverted genius Hiraku Kaneko (we’ll cover him another day).

Reviewing a project like this should be easy since it’s so TITacular all I have to say is “It’s the bestest EVAR! Boobies!” and I would be completely right… but it’s very hard reviewing something like this because its so good you can praise it in a million different ways, but you’ll never truly be able to convey every element of its greatness or what it truly means to you.


It has ascended into a plane of perversion whose depths mean something different to any and all individuals who bear witness.


DISCLAIMER: I can never hope to truly describe the breast-focused “negative zone” this anime and its creative staff must reside in.

**If you can take but one thing away from this overview, it should be the knowledge that Manyuu Hikenchou is 110% Worth your Love, Worthy of an Import Buy from CDJapan or other site, and in general a Top-of-its-Class Maximum Oppai anime the likes of which we will likely never see again in this increasingly-frustrating politically-correct world of ours.**


If you have a love for oppai in your heart, than this anime is definitely for you. Need more convincing? Ok then.


Now if that didn’t do something for you right off the bat then I kindly ask you to GTFO, because this series knows EXACTLY what it is and it goes to 11 with it, which is one reason why it excels over all others.


Story: Who really cares/10

While this show does indeed have a story and actually managed to keep me interested, it’s QUITE obvious what it was going for right from the beginning and doesn’t let story get in the way of all the fun. In a Tokugawa type era, Breasts mean everything… literally. If you have them, your living large and a king among peasants.  If you don’t have them, your the lowest form of poor and looked down upon. Putting aside my inner Realist and putting on my Misogyny hat… THIS social system fuckin’ rules!

Depicted below is what you would call “rags to riches” in Manyuu-verse

manyuu 3

The show focuses on Chifusa Manyuu (above), the successor to the Manyuu clan which inspects and controls the quality of breasts in their upside down world. At the end of episode 1 it is revealed that she has the power to absorb the breasts of others into her own (thus making her, in principle the sexiest woman on the fucking planet).


Despite how she acts…


…I believe there are multiple times when Chifusa reveals hidden love for her gigantic tits


She is a very enjoyable character whose looks and voice can add much in the ways of hotness to a risqué scene. Were it not for her sadistic older sister Kagefusa, Chifusa would undoubtedly be my favorite ecchi heroine of all time… she has utterly limitless potential, and Hoods brings out the very “breast” of her.

Udder greatness


Long story short, she steals the clan’s secret scroll of ultimate-tit techniques and goes on an adventure with her lesbian partner friend Kaede to change the world!

Totally Lesbians


Art: 120/10


Second best thing about this show besides the actual perverted themes themselves is without a doubt the art and animation quality. Every bit of breast-craft that Hoods Entertainment had learned while making Seikon no Qwaser seasons 1 and 2 was molded, honed, and perfected with Manyuu Hikenchou.

Best girl to the left.


In particular, the nipple and breast design of the show I believe is a cut-above all others. Compare recent tits from ecchi like Freezing, Ikkitousen and Queen’s Blade to the above image, don’t theirs now seem to be “too firm” in design, almost stiff with low-detail nipples that don’t flow? Manyuu doesn’t have that problem, here’s an example…


Chifusa’s tits are shown to be slightly asymmetrical… that’s oppai attention to detail I can respect!


THIS is quality detail. Just look at that nipple… Marvel at its beauty, its softness.



Manyuu took the sexiness up another level with the inclusion of Realistic-like “flop/smack” sound effects whenever a pair of tits came out and started to move around, a much better option than the usual anime trope of having a comical “boing!” noise. Just another example of how damn much perverted attention to detail Kaneko and Hoods gave the project.

More fantastic nipple design, look at those things go.


While individual episodes in the series could very in quality and animation (some scenes could admittedly look rough occasionally), ALL is forgiven after watching the OVAs packed with this show’s blu-ray releases.

Gods honest, I would completely believe someone if they told me that half of this show’s budget was allotted right from the beginning solely for work on the OVAs.

They are so good and impactful in the ways of perversion that I’ll be covering just them in another volume. But that’s for another day, for now, let’s finish up this overview with what I consider to be the best episode in this 12 episode series.


Episode 1


Without a doubt holder of the best opening to an ecchi anime ever, Episode 1 not only gave us a glimpse at how far max-oppai had come, but also teased us with where it could go from there by showcasing the most erotic and most fluidly-animated breast expansion scene I’ve ever witnessed. My heart was in my throat for the whole thing, and I knew five minutes in that for a boob-lover like me… no show would ever be released again with such quality tits, and focus on such a specific set of my top fetishes.

Second place goes to episode 2 with a great onsen


 And Third place goes to episode 6, when Chifusa reaches “oppai maximum”, otherwise known as her biggest breast size…..  Until the OVAs that is 🙂



Watch this show. Love this show. Buy this show. Support this show. If I haven’t convinced you here, then stay tuned for my volume on the OVAs… I can say without hesitation that the 4 picture diaries and 4 specials on blu-ray have ruined all other ecchi oppai for me, since nothing else in the past 3 and a half years has come close. There’s just something about it. Something Kaneko. Something Hoods… something completely unique that is, Manyuu Hikenchou.


Seriously, how could this NOT be your favorite thing ever?