History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi Episodes 11-15

Weekly Miu appreciation post

Miu does sexy stuff. Shigure does sexy stuff. Kenichi is a lucky observer of Miu and Shigure doing sexy stuff. The usual ecchi hijinks. Kenichi’s sister has a more prominent role in this stretch, but she’s not a fanservice target so much as she’s just adorable.

This tomboyish girl, who is totally not a trap, is a member of an organization that wants to defeat Kenichi. Where she lacks of T&A, she makes up for in having immaculate thighs and some cute personality quirks. She’d perhaps be a best girl contender if literal perfection weren’t her competition in Shigure and Miu.

Elsewhere, Kenichi continues to get his ass whooped in training as per usual. Easier to tolerate such when its by the hands of a babe like Miu.

Ma Kensei is doing gods work here. It is basic human instinct to marvel at an ass this perfect.

The loli enthusiast crowd goes wild. Perhaps surprising, Kenichi’s sister is never lewded in the TV series.

All you have to do is be the lead heroine of an ecchi series, obviously. Miu continues to make basic bitches jealous of her raw sex appeal just by existing.

I couldn’t find the equivalent manga panel for this scene. and by couldn’t I mean googled for thirty seconds before giving up. So this may not be censorship from what the manga showed and just a joke. Or it could be censorship and not a joke. Either way, no nipples…yet.

The next stage of Kenichi’s training is to live at the dojo where he trains every day, nearly every hour. He is obviously reluctant to do so, until Ma Kensei offers some rational encouragement.

Again, no clue if this is TV censorship or what the manga intended as a tease joke. What I do know is that you aren’t satisfied with a fucking bunny covering Miu’s cheeks. Neither am I, friend.

How Kenichi resisted motorboating those tits, I do not know. Maybe that will occur later down the line.

Note – Kenichi survives this unscathed, somehow. It is unclear what this exercise is supposed to accomplish.

A little too late for that. This anime doesn’t even exist if Kenichi weren’t simping over Miu, for good reason.

It’s easy to forget that this is a battle shounen series often times. Not that I’m complaining – more ecchi the better. I’m not sure we can expect the ecchi to escalate further than what has been shown already, at least for the fifty episode TV series. To keep things interesting we need new sexy female characters that have designs different from Miu/Shigure. Hopefully those are on the horizon.

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