History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi Episodes 16-20 Fanservice Review

To the Beach!…for more training

More of the usual Kenichi shenanigans in this post. There’s a brief vacation to the beach that results in a a few scantily clad eye catches. It’s easy to forget this is a battle shounen.

Yuuka’s defining trait is her eye glasses and even that is usurped by literal perfection Miu. Needless to say she cannot compete for Kenichi’s affections.

I do wonder what prompted Ma Kensei to even say this. Does she smell funky? Has she not changed her panties? Maybe she just decided to put on the same pair of panties or maybe she has two of the same brand and color. So many questions and so few answers other than Shigure being best girl.

If there was ever a doubt that Shinobu was the #1 waifu her teaching Kenichi how to swim should silence that forever. A wholesome moment that even features a rare smile from Shinobu, ever so stonefaced.

yes, that’s Kenichi elbow striking a shark. This is one of the funnier scenes in the show, but it won’t be shown here because no fanservice.

Kisara makes a formal introduction as she fights Kenichi for the first time, not pictured because no service. Her defining trait is her thighs, which is kinda redundant since every girl in this show to receive fanservice has nice thighs.

As usual, there a lot of context missing from these reviews because this is (sometimes) a battle shounen and action doesn’t usually lend itself to fanservice. As the season progresses there will be even more action and less service, which will probably lead to me combining more than five episodes at a time. Next post will feature Ma Kensei’s daughter, who may or may not be best girl.

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