History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi Episodes 20-30 Fanservice Review

Miu is love, Shigure is life, Renka is wife

I’m gonna be honest with you, I have forgotten almost all of the minute details of the plot of this show. All I remember is Kenichi trains hard and there’s a lot of sexy girls that surround him. So uh, expect more of a waifu slide show than the walls of text analysis (which like no one is here for anyways)

I tried to combine ten episodes for this fanservice review because there’s a lot of unsexy fighting during this arc of the show.

Big titty envy makes this fight personal for Kisara. Miu is so perfect that she inadvertently causes rage within every jealous bitch that crosses her path.

I truly respect the dedication to thigh service in this anime, even to the point of ridiculousness. Like this pose doesn’t even make sense for Kisara. Her leg looks like its about to snap off.

You can make out a small nipple bump in this image – that is a much more prominent detail in the manga, toned down in the anime for broadcasting reasons Im sure,

Is there a term for being sexually attracted to eyebrows? Because I think I’m sexually attracted to Shigure’s eyebrows, among other assets. Dont judge me.

I think I say this every review, but if I were in Kenichi shoes I’d hook up with Shigure and call it a day. She is the one true best girl, no other contenders come close.

This is Renka.

Renka is best girl.

You can think otherwise, but you would be wrong. I just said that about Shigure, I know, but ignore that. Renka is the bastard child of Ma Kensei who is mostly absent from her life. Add another one to the collection of babes around Kenichi.

As you can see, Renka has a case of Tsundere bitch syndrome. That makes her more or less attractive depending on your waifu preferences.

I may have forgotten the plot of this show, but that was never really the point of covering this series to begin with. The fanservice is solid for a competent battle shounen series. Stay tuned for more to come.

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