History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi Episodes 31-50 Fanservice Review

All good things must come to an end

Similar to the last batch of Kenichi reviews, this will combine twenty episodes into one post. Yes, that’s a lot of episodes for one review. I felt this was a necessary step due to all the action segments that take priority over the fanservice towards the end, as things become more serious for the characters and their battles vs unsexy villains. I’d be lying if I said I remembered what actually went on in these episodes, though. So this will be a review that is more focused on the quality of T&A.

Speaking of quality – Shigure is besto girl.

Yes. Try as she may, Kenichi’s little sister will never eclipse Miu and her literally perfect physique. She will barely appear in this stretch of episodes while the more developed women in Kenichi’s life are star figures.

Notably Miu, who effortlessly turns Kenichi into a simp. Not hard to imagine why

In case you’re wondering – no, there is no BD correction where Miu’s undercarriage is fully visible. We must maintain the illusion that she is wearing pitch black panties.

Here Miu fights against a member of the Shadow Fists, the big bad organization that threatens to jeopardize social peace. Of note in this fight is the amount of panty and thigh shots. Why is she fighting in a skirt? Who knows, not relevant, thanks for wearing a skirt Miu.

Ma Kensei’s daughter, Renka, returns again to see Kenichi. She clearly loves him, but is unwilling to say it out loud. How typical.

I have no idea how any of these villain’s can fight Miu without being distracted by her body. I mean she is at no point in this series wearing clothing that doesn’t show off her T&A. Including this conveniently placed trip to a water park that of course requires her to wear a swimsuit.

Full disclosure – I have no idea who these girls even are. Like I watched this entire show earlier this year and I forgot that quickly. I think that says more about how forgettable the main plot of Kenichi is, than my apparent signs of early dementia.

The relevant details are apparent from a first glace – tight wet bodies, high skirts.

And so that concludes the reviews for History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi, TV series. Certainly not my finest work in terms of providing a thorough summary of events that occured in the show, but I couldn’t really help my attention span drifting as the story leaned further into incomprehensible stupidity. What I will remember from this show though is that Miu, Shigure and Renka are all best girls of varying degrees of hotness. And that’s all that matters.

But if you are curious about how this season ended – Kenichi defeats the leader of the evil organization by combining the teachings of all his masters. He does not hook up with any of his admirers, nor the girl that he admirers most. Predictable? Certainly.

I will be covering the OVAs at some point. Those do have nudity, so there will be no need for a post that covers such a large span of episodes.

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