History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi Episodes 6-10 Fanservice Review

Miu is love, Shigure is life

Continuing these untimely reviews for a decade old ecchi series – Miu continues to make bitches jealous of her super sexy swagger. Kenichi overcomes more trials with the help of his caring sensei, some more so than others.

If you weren’t told that this is Kenichi’s mom, you’d think she was a part of the harem. There’s probably a doujin about this scenario.

Ma Kensei, Chinese Kenpo master, will take every opportunity to fondle Miu. Who can blame him? Do you see those cheeks?

Exhibit A of how Kenichi manages to survive torturous martial art training – Miu makes it all worth it. The point of this exercise is to make him more flexible, even at the risk of his balls snapping in pieces like shikon jewel shards.

Kenichi’s worried little sister enters the dojo to save her oni-chan. She fails miserably, but is cute in trying to do so.

Yes. This narrative doesn’t even exist if not for Miu’s T&A. Did I mention she can also cook? What’s not to love other than the fact that she can kill you with her pinky toe.

At first glance, it appears that Shigure has bigger tits than Miu. This is enough to make her best girl material. Hopefully Kenichi agrees and chooses the less likely romantic option.

A fantasy, of course. Kenichi isn’t getting any. But the two do share a cozy moment on the roof, sharing their life aspirations.

Friendzoned ecchi MC #1743921

This is all part of a training regimine, believe it or not. It actually pays off as Kenichi defeats a jobber later on.

Typically, I’d be irritated at some random jobber fondling the tits of 2nd place best girl. But can you really blame him?

He also gets power bombed into the ground right after that, so justice is served.

The tomboyish Kisara, leader of the antagonist group out to capture Kenichi, will become a more prominent character later on.

Shigure appears disinterested at all times, but she’s actually very considerate of Kenichi and looks out for him. Too bad he’s dense as can be.

Kenichi doesn’t have the easiest life nowadays, being put through daily training regimes and targeted by gangster organizations that want to recruit him. But seeing Miu makes it all worth it for him in the end.

This post had more the media than the last, and a little more service than the last. Perhaps this trend will continue into the future. One difference I did notice from the manga is that nipple bumps are prevalent there, whereas the anime has no such thing. Perhaps this will  change deeper into the season.

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