Ikkitousen gets new TV anime in 2022

This series refuses to die (thank goodness).


Ikkitousen has had a few OVA releases from time to time, but they hadn’t had an actual TV anime season since 2011.  To put that in perspective, both Queen’s Blade and Samurai Girls have had TV anime seasons more recent than that.

So it was a pretty big surprise to see this news, which was posted on the official Ikkitousen website.  Not just an OVA this time, but an actual TV anime.

Part of the reason why might be that the Western Wolves OVAs appeared to have been a commercial success with relatively strong sales, while boasting the most faithful art adaption of the series to date.

Little details are available right now, although it’s already been announced that there will be an AT-X airing of the series.  This isn’t a huge surprise- AT-X co-produced Western Wolves, which IIRC had at least a partially uncensored airing.

ARMS has done a fantastic job animating this series over the years, especially with the previous installment.  Unfortunately, ARMS went out of business, so it will be up to a new production company (although it’s possible that some former ARMS talent could be contracted).  The most likely suitor is TNK, who are still eager to work on ecchi projects and also helped animate the most recent TV season ten years ago.

The next season will be based on the Shin Ikkitousen manga, which is really more of a rebranded continuation of the same story rather than a sequel.

In hindsight, I suppose a TV series for Shin Ikkitousen could have been predicted.  After all, the previous OVA was a capstone of the first manga.  Anything further would have been from a new manga with a lot of material and a clear demarcation point.  It was an opportunity to do a full TV series if they wanted to, and the previous success made them feel good about taking the leap.

One thing I am very curious about is if this new series will copy the recent trend of having semi-explicit sex scenes.  It’s basically the “it” thing right now, spreading through the ecchi genre like a pickle and fried chicken sandwich in fast food chains.  I would expect that the source material will be followed faithfully, but if they end up shoehorning in a handful of sex scenes to keep up with the current fad, that would be… incredible.