Ikusa x Koi Manga Fanservice Compilation

The result of what happens when a shut-in is forced to live with 9 sisters with magical powers…

Oh, and the world is at risk of ending because giant monsters cause mass destruction.

Ikusa x Koi (also known as Val x Love) Synopsis:

Akutsu Takuma wants nothing more than to be left alone, to live and study in peace. He has a terrifying face, which has prevented him from making friends and earned him the nickname “Akuma” (devil). However, he is satisfied with being alone and spending all of his time learning, hoping to become the good person his late mother saw in him.

All of this changes when he gets involved with the nine Saotome girls, who are Valkyries. Takuma is called by Odin to pair with them to protect the world from demons and the threat of total destruction. The Valkyries’ power comes from love, and so now he must live with them and try to become closer to them. To start with, they prioritize his intimacy with the strongest Valkyrie, Natsuki. Will he and the Saotome women be able to save the world?

In other words, some dude has to grope some girls for them to gain power and kill monsters that threaten the world.

While the art is nicely detailed, the MC’s design is kind of…distracting/disturbing. It’s kind of like how the MC of Monster Musume is hardly ever drawn with a normal face. Personally, I didn’t mind Kimihito at all but the guy in this manga threw me off guard. I understand that he’s meant to be intimidating and everyone’s scared of him but he just looks so goofy. Oh well, the girls are the real eye candy here.

It’s nice how girls with smaller chests are paid attention to here as well. Big tits are cool in my book but it’s diversity that I value more for a greater ecchi. There’s a reason why Shinmai and TLR are so popular, the variety in the harem casts a wide net so they attract all kinds of fans.

Ikusa x Koi (14 Chapters, Ongoing)

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