INFECTION Manga Fanservice Compilation

If only a viral outbreak could leads to more ecchi fanservice exposure…. XD

Hi everyone!! As we all know that the recent outbreak of coronavirus which has infected tens of thousand of people across many countries, it is important for everyone to take precautionary measures such as avoiding overpopulated places and wearing a surgical mask if necessary given the situation. Of course nobody would like situations like these to happen, it is important to keep ourselves healthy. There’s a saying of when life give you lemons, you made lemonades. XD While staying at home, it might be a good opportunity for you guys to catch up with the good quality manga and anime that you might have missed out. (^^)b

Status: Ongoing

Introduction: A new viral infection that turns people into undead is spreading rapidly across the planet. The story revolves around the struggles for survival of 6 highschool students. Sounds like a very familiar story from HOTD (Highschool of the Dead) right? XD While it might sound familiar, it has a lot more different element in it. (^_^)b

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