Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu 2 fanservice review episode 10


It’s finally over.


Very little service for the final episode but I doubt anyone is surprised at this point. We get about a minute of a bath scene near the end which also as expected has been immensely toned down and modified compared to both the LN and manga’s version of the scene. Let’s just get this terrible adaption over with.


Vishos appears out of the ground inside something as Diablo notes that it isn’t a god like Vishoa calls it but just a weapon he can control instead. In other words he didn’t summon some monster but is just inside the equivalent of a mech. Diablo recognizes it as a raid boss from the game and since all it’s attacks are physical that means he can’t reflect it’s damage like he normally can with his magic ring. While he is trying to dodge attacks the others note since it came from underground there might be something there they can use as Rem goes to look.

Diablo tries to attack back but sees that as long as Vishos has a barrier on he can’t hit him. After he tries to kill Lumachina, Diablo grabs her and runs while trying to keep her safe. He remembers she can cast dispel and asks her to use it on Vishos so they can remove the barrier.

The followers watching the fight start to cheer Vishos on for fighting the demon lord as one of them point out both are demon lords and Vishos doesn’t seem to care thso they shouldn’t be cheering for either and that Lumachina is the only one they should be trusting since she stayed to fight. As she is trying to cast dispel Diablo has to protect her long enough for it to cast as Vishos tries to stop them. Rose and the others see what is happening as Rose tries to help only to be attacked and broken apart.

After Diablo puts Rose down after checking on her he goes to fight Vishos as Lumachina finishes the dispel spell. It’s not strong enough to hit him and as they are losing the followers start praying along with Shera and so with the power of pray they are able to make Lumachina stronger and her dispel is made stronger allowing her to hit Vishos and remove his barrier. Either a case of the writer needing to pull a win out of his ass or just wanting to make this the final battle from Earthbound and make pray the final attack.


Diablo notes now that the barrier has been removed Vishos is now the weakest raid boss in the game as he remembers that once the barrier is removed from the monster he is using it is massively weak. Diablo summons two different spear attacks and then uses them on Vishos blowing him up and killing him.

While Rem is still exploring the area she finds the other cardinals that were following Vishos dead having been killed by Gewalt. When she asks why he is there he tells her he no longer works for the church as she figures out he is there by orders of whoever his new boss is and was sent to silence the cardinals from something. Rather than fight her he gives her a key and tells her it is a gift because he owes Lumachina a favor for saving him earlier.

After Vishos is dead Lumachina asks Diablo to pass judgement on them like he was going to do earlier. He realizes that she is still going to act like she was before they got interrupted. He tells all the followers they are forgiven since they all started praying to the true God they were supposed to and he will let them live. He then runs off to escape before anyone sees him collapse from low mp. After that Rem and Lumachina go to the dungeon and use the key that Gewalt gave them and find Lumachina’s bodyguard from episode 1 is still alive and was locked away in the dungeon the whole time as they free her.

The next day Lumachina offers Diablo and the others a bunch of gold as payment for everything they did. She then asks Diablo to stay with her as her new head paladin. He tries to think of a way to turn her down as he tells her she doesn’t need his power and shouldn’t rely on it as she interprets this as saying that if she relayed on Diablo’s power instead of her own she would be no different from what Vishos did as she accepts his rejection. She also mentions how she still has a lot of investigations left to do since she wants to find out who was funding Vishos and gave him the weapon he used and also who Gewalt might be working for now which might be connected to whoever was providing Vishos with that weapon.

Later on Diablo is in the bath when he hears Shera and Rem outside asking if they can take a bath as well. He tells them they can and they just need to ask the maids and they will prepare one in their room as well only for them both to interpret it to mean they can take one with him as they jump in. They both end up pushing Diablo into each other because of how small it is and not much else compared to what this scene should had been.

So to start with the scene was changed from the start compared to the LN and manga. In that it is only Rem that comes to take a bath so the addition of Shera is anime original. The scene also ends in both with Rose interrupting while here it just ends with nothing. The biggest problem though is how toned down the scene is. In both the LN and manga Rem sits on Diablo’s lap and jerks him off using her tail which is of course removed because they decided to finish this final episode off with reminding you how trash this adaption is. So here is the scene from the LN.

And the pic.

And here is what we see in the manga.

Just another example in the long line of examples of how if you care about the series you are better off reading the source instead.

As they leave to return to Faltra, Rose mentions that since she has an auto repair function she just needs to stay near Diablo until she is fully repaired. The others ask if it was okay to leave Horn behind as we get a flashback to when they were leaving in which Horn says she wants to stay in the capital and study magic so she can become stronger. When it’s pointed out that she is already a high level thief and studying magic would be pointless, Diablo says it doesn’t matter and that he will let he do what she wants as he gives her permission to stay in the capital. After this they finally arrive back in Faltra again.

We then see a quick run through of what each character is doing now. Edelgard and Klem are eating with Celestine with Edelgard worrying about money as Celestine says she will be paying and not to worry about it as Klem goes to eat as much as she can. Sylvie and Emile are discussing the financial earnings for the guild and they need to do better. Meanwhile Fanis learns that Diablo and the others have returned to Faltra as she considers heading there to meet them. Alicia is then showing Horn around while teaching her what to do when she starts meeting royalty. And Lumachina and the other paladins are repairing the church and working to restore it after the fight.

Shera starts showing the ring that she got from Diablo’s dungeon as Rose notes that is a marriage ring. This results in Rem saying it’s not fair that Shera gets something like that and both of them should. As he tries to think on what to do since he got that ring from a quest, Shera agrees and says she wants Rem to be married to Diablo as well since she likes being with both of them. She then says that she asked Sylvie earlier about a quest where they can get another one and she gave it to them and they can get a ring for Rem that way. Diablo agrees as they head off to do the quest to get Rem a marriage ring as well as the show ends.

Last end card is by Tsurusaki Takahiro whom besides doing hentai like the others is more importantly the artist for the LN.



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Long final thoughts and some news concerning the director’s cut version. So this is going to be long as usual for my final episode posts. I wonder how many people dropped this long ago and only read these posts instead. I wish I could had been so lucky. Try as much as I can I can’t think of a single positive thing to say about this. This season is an absolute insult to the series and would had been better off not existing in the first place. We gained nothing from this existing and we could have had never gotten a season 2 and not a thing would had changed. We didn’t get any kind of character development or advancement, we didn’t get any kind of decent story, and more importantly we got less service than season 1 gave. There was nothing gained by a season 2 being made making you wonder what was the point.

The main issue with this season is obvious and that is how toned down it is compared to the source material which wasn’t an issue in season 1. In season 1 we had scenes like Shera getting her nipples pinched, Rem getting fingered, Sylvie getting fingered, and a variety of other content. Meanwhile there are no memorable scenes in season 2 at all and not because of them not existing but because this adaption removed them all. By all accounts this season should had been more extreme than season 1 but it wasn’t and instead was weaker due to the asinine choice to tone the entire thing down removing the main appeal of the series.

The first season isn’t something special by any means but for a non nude isekai it was watchable since even though it was non nude the series still went further than most other isekai anime which really helped set it apart from them giving it something unique. The isekai genre is already overloaded with too many so this one doing something the others don’t in terms of service really did help it stand out and yet here with season 2 they remove that very unique element that made that possible. As a result they toned this down to the point that it has now just became another generic isekai in an ocean of generic isekai.

When this first got an anime 3 years ago what made you watch it instead of ignoring it as just another isekai? For me it was the level of service content that was in it and that it wasn’t simply just random bath scenes or the occasional falling onto a girl but actual sexual content which helped establish it as different from others. Sure it was non nude but this level of service helped immensely at countering that. Was really hyped for this second season knowing what level of content was in the LNs later on and yet here we are with an anime that feels like something completely different not just from season 1 but the source as well. The main draw that made me and probably others bother with the series was removed. Who was the intended audience of this I wonder? It certainly wasn’t fans of the LN or manga. I’m almost envious of anime only watchers as they get to be oblivious to how bad the adaption really is. Being anime only is probably the only way someone could like this season.

Maybe they were trying to go for the mainstream audience or something. They did release a gacha game about a year and a half ago. I think I mentioned that way back in a news post when the show was first announced. I played it for about a year and I can say it is complete shit with little to do and all the money milking you can think of. There were character costumes for individual characters that cost around 120 dollars not to mention the insane prices on other bundles. Felt even worse pricing than other gacha games I’ve played. There is barely even any service in the thing either and it makes me wonder who would spend money on something like that. Perhaps that should had been a warning flag on just what to expect with this season 2.

I really can’t think of anything good to say about this season. The story was boring and it didn’t even feel like there was a major threat that needed solving like in the case of season 1.  The major final boss is just a typical church is evil leader and we never really get to see anything that really makes us think of him as that much a threat or evil. Compare that to say the threat of a demon lord in season 1 or better yet Saddler and what he does. The side villains were also complete trash and forgettable compared to season 1 where Shera’s brother and the plot involving him was far more interesting than the paladin stuff in season 2. Even when it comes to new characters it is is weaker. Lumachina is unlikable and insufferable like every single religious obsessed female in every jrpg possible. Meanwhile the few decent characters like Fanis are given minimal time. Rose is probably the only good character from season 2 that was given significant screen time. Then there is the abysmal budget in the show. The sheer amount of cheap animation and static images was crazy. So many fights consisted of an attack happening almost off screen and then showing a static image afterwards. They really cut as many corners as they could.

Overall this season was weaker than 1 in every single aspect. And what makes this worse is that they easily could had countered these flaws by providing decent service to make up for it which they didn’t. Speaking of which there are some new developments concerning the director’s cut version of the episodes that were announced last week and they are not good. Last week they announced two versions of the episodes would be released a “Petit” and “serious demon lord” version with the latter being a director’s cut version with content not seen according to the announcement. Episode 1 as I showed last week had nothing major changed and episode 2 and 3 have been released since then and likewise nothing really worth caring about. However episode 3 is different from the other two in one regard which is why I have pretty much given up hope now. So to start with here is a line from that announcement last week that has been bugging me. This is going to be some rambling but you will see how shitty this whole thing really is.

The “first and second half part”. What does that mean? My initial interpretation was that the “petit” version applied to the first half of the show and “serious demon lord” version the second half as if to imply that the second half was more extreme than the first which wouldn’t make a lot of sense anyway but the reason for this conclusion is because the twoh episodes available on the site selling them only displayed a “petit” version in the title the so called director’s cut version which they advertised as the “serious demon lord” version was nowhere to be seen for these first two episodes. I then started to really think about it and realized something. Perhaps the “first and second half” meant that they will be releasing all the episodes as “petit” first and then a second rerelease with the episodes again but in the “serious” director’s cut version form. This was the only theory I could think of that gave some possible hope left. Then today episode 3 was released shooting that theory down and look at what happened. 

Episode 3 is listed as the “serious demon lord” version in other words the director’s cut version while the other two only have the petit version. In short the announcement of two different versions is misleading. They don’t actually have two versions for each episode but instead just have labeled the episodes as either one of the two versions based on if it is a tamer episode or not. And of course this “serious demon lord” version provides nothing better either. Like last week I’ll post a link to the tweet in the comments below so the person gets credit and will only post one image here but episode 3 has essentially fuck all worth it in changes.

According to the twitter account that posted comparisons this scene seems to be the only change consisting of making Lumachina’s inverse colors normal again. They also mention the OP is still the exact same even in this version as well (in other words Fanis still has flesh nipples in the OP). In short we have now seen the director’s cut version called “serious demon lord” of an episode and no nudity is added nor anything else really. This was the only chance we had of maybe something being corrected since they advertised the director’s cut as content not seen on air and yet that did not apply here. Even the episode length is listed the same on ep3 director’s cut as the normal version. There are still 7 episodes left which will consist of some being a “petit” version and some “serious demon lord” version but now that we have seen what this extreme version is willing to do which is nothing there is no reason to hold out on any hope. If they are this lazy with episode 3 I can’t imagine much improvement with others. There is still the BD in 2 weeks but that doesn’t even have mention of this content so the BD could seriously be tamer than these digital episodes so not expecting anything from that. After all the rereleases of the episodes come out I might do a follow up post documenting all of them at once and the changes they have if they ever end up uploaded but not expecting anything worthwhile from it at this point.

In the end this season isn’t just bad it’s offensively bad for anyone that liked the first season. If you didn’t watch it consider yourself smart and just pretend season 2 doesn’t exist. Watch the first and then pretend that is the end. I will say it is impressive a company could fuck up this bad. Who takes a series with a decent amount of service and not only tones it down but straight out removes most of it? The series being non nude already made it competing with others an uphill battle but then you remove what service it does have and that is just overkill. Made worse when you consider the era we are in now in which tame stuff like this is made into a joke with how it can’t compete. Last year was Ishuzoku Reviewers and this year Redo of Healer and hopefully the upcoming World’s End Harem and Slave harem will continue the trend of more extreme service.

After IR and Healer it is near impossible to go back to shows that consist of low tier service like clothing malfunctions or non sexual baths or main characters that don’t fuck so non nude ecchi shows are in an even worse situation and need all the service they can get. The ironic thing is this series could had weathered this new era to some degree. Obviously it is not anywhere near what IR or Healer offer but this series does have things like blowjobs, the orgy, and other such content happening in the source material. Of course that is the source material not this weak trash adaption that thought removing this level of content was okay. But the fact is if they actually faithfully adapted this like they should had it still could had stood out from other ecchis and not been completely obliterated by shows like IR or Healer unlike other shows that will suffer the same virgin vs chad fate when compared to those two.

It’s amazing in it’s own right though how terrible this season 2 was. While others are taking steps forward to strengthen and go into more extreme content this show decided to not only not step forward but also not even keep doing what it did before and staying in place but instead took steps backwards to weaken it’s service. Unbelievable really. “Hey everyone else is getting more extreme what should we do?” “Let’s do the reverse and get tamer”. Hopefully a season 3 is never made as the series doesn’t deserve the treatment it got from this season. Unless they give a season 3 back to the first studio I probably won’t even cover it should it happen because I can’t imagine it not being even worse than this one. Considering how low budget this season was they might as well give a season 3 to Queen Bee. Hell that might actually be better as they at least probably wouldn’t cut service out.

Finally done. This was possibly one of the hardest to motivate to do posts show I ever did. Glad it’s over and I can take a break since I have nothing to cover in summer. There isn’t even anything in Fall or anywhere in the future I have called claim to. So I guess posts from me are going to be less for a while. Going two seasons in a row covering full length shows kills me though so having a long break is better. Don’t think I ever had to do that before. Though I do have some other things I might be doing posts on soon depending on. Plus have no idea what shows there still are yet to be announced.  Also I think I subconsciously try to see if I can make my final thoughts on a show longer than my previous final thoughts on a show. I wonder how much longer these will be next time.