Kanojo Mo Kanojo Episode 01 Fanservice Review

Modern problems require modern solutions.

This is Kanojo Mo Kanojo, a romantic comedy in which the protagonist and his ardent admirer Nagisa, attempt to convince Naoya’s current girlfriend Saki, to accept a three way relationship. Given the amount of bare breasts, ass, and sometimes sex you can see through reviews on this site, a romantic comedy like this may not register to you as having enough service to warrant a review, but this season seems very dry for ecchi, and this seemed to be the best of the rest, so here I am.

Naoya claims that he is the happiest man on earth, having entered a relationship with his childhood friend Saki. In the opening scene, which I would call foreshadowing if the implications had not been realized in the scene immediately following, Saki makes a joke by asking Naoya not to cheat on her. Naoya is taken aback at even the thought, and claims he will cherish her so that she will never worry about him cheating. Saki is embarassed by Naoya’s display of affection and tells Naoya that he’s weird and can’t handle a joke.


Here we have the OP, which are always fun to dissect. The triangle motif is pretty blatant given the love triangle we’re presented with, but they go the extra step with the optical illusions that occasionally emphasize the girls assets. Also interesting is that two additional girls are prominent in the OP. Eventually, the manga adds these girls that like Naoya as part of his harem, turning this love triangle into a love pentagon. They will probably get some attention as well as the anime continues.


The show spares no time in beginning the plot. Nagisa confesses to Naoya on the rooftop, and asks Naoya what he thinks of her looks. Nagisa is overjoyed when Naoya compliments her looks, claiming that she has worked hard for three months preparing for the day of her confession: four hours of jogging, exercise, and yoga every day. She has also practiced cooking daily, having heard the old adage that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

After eating, Nagisa directly asks Naoya to return her feelings. Naoya is overwhelmed at Nagisa’s feelings but confesses that he already has a girlfriend. Nagisa is disappointed, but is not discouraged and claims she will return to confess once more. Naoya is conflicted in acknowledging how valuable a woman like Nagisa is, but not wanting to betray his current girlfriend – so he does what any sane man would want to, proposes to date both of them simultaneously.


When Naoya presents Nagisa to Saki, Saki immediately desires to befriend her, noting how cute she is. Naoyo is not given a chance to ask Saki about a three way relationship, as Saki claims they can’t talk about anything if she doesn’t know Nagisa.



The three have fun in the town to get to know each other better, and Saki enjoys Nagisa’s company.

You may have noticed that there have been multiple opportunities for panty shots, and it may disappoint you to realize that the production seems to have decided against them, but know that the source material is the same. However, we do get a shot of what would be her panties if Saki’s leg did not obscure the shot.


When Naoya finally asks Saki about a possible three way relationship, it goes about as well as one would expect. Saki reacts violently to Naoya’s proposition, and repeatedly tells him no. When Naoya says that he would one day make Saki glad to agree to such a relationship, along with further prodding from Nagisa, Saki’s answer changes from “no” to “make me feel that way, if you think you can.”

In order to help convince Saki, Naoya concludes that Saki and Nagisa will have to get to know each other better. Naoya’s solution to this plan is to have both girls live with him at his house. Nagisa immediately agrees and Saki is dragged into it.


When I first saw the above shot in the anime of Saki lying on the couch, I was suspicious. It felt a bit zoomed in, and I considered the possibility that it could be a BD bonus if it was a panty shot that they cropped out. Turns out the manga does the same thing. But who knows? They might just throw us a bone. Shortly after, we get the main service of the episode. Unfortunately, it is a scene so obscured in steam it may end up frustrating you.


Don’t get excited expecting any added nudity for the BD releases. Saki is wielding blanks and she doesn’t seem to be afraid to show them. One good thing I can say is that we’ll know on the first BD release if they decided to go for nudity, so no waiting for multiple volumes to get an answer. The answer is probably a no, but miracles do happen. If they are removing or reducing the truly absurd amount of fog for this scene, then the cleavage that magically stops in the middle of the sternum might be finished. I suppose it’s possible that they’ll add more, but it’s just as possible that they only reduce the amount of fog and leave the cleavage as is. Regardless, this shot is about as frontal and blatant as you can get. The opportunity is there, if they choose to act on it.


If you squint hard enough, you can see some movement on Saki’s two assets. I’d have made more webm’s of this scene, but there isn’t much movement that can be seen through the steam.


Strange happenings here. With a bit of editing I can tell that even when the steam is removed on the BD, Saki will be censored via splashes of water in this shot. The manga has no similar censorship and simply gives Saki blanks (and with another look, possibly managed to sneak in a vagina.) Already we have a curious case of production adding and removing service, making it hard to determine if they wanted to tone up or tone down the sexiness.

As for the “plot” of the bath scene, Nagisa enters the bath with Saki because she wants to talk. Saki remarks on Nagisa’s tits and fit body, and Nagisa says it’s fine if Saki and Naoya sleep together (Nagisa heavily implies sex in this context.) Saki replies that their relationship hasn’t progressed that far, and they haven’t even kissed. Hearing this, Nagisa’s face instantly betrays an expression of happiness, which Saki immediately detects.


Saki realizes the implications of Nagisa’s words, and angrily asks Naoya how far he intends to go with Nagisa. Naoya not only admits he want to have sex with Nagisa, he states boldly his desire to have a three way.  Saki acknowledges Nagisa’s attractiveness, and even says she “gives me weird feelings, even as a woman.” However, Saki claims this makes a three way even more unacceptable. Naoya understands and relents on a three way, and says it’s more important for them to form a strong bond than to “do sexy things together.” Saki asks if that means that she and Naoya won’t do anything with each other and Naoya says yes, as that would be unfair to Nagisa. Saki asks if this restriction is indefinite, which Naoya immediately recognizes as a signal from Saki that she wants him to make a move on her. While probably true, Saki denies it, but Naoya can only apologize to the both of them.

As a quick side note, it would be interesting if this was an actual case of foreshadowing, implying that Saki’s joy in accepting their three way relationship will be derived from her realizing she’s bisexual and enjoying Nagisa as much as Naoya, granting a harem ending when most manga with a similar premise do not. We don’t know how this relationship will end, but we now know how it began, and that brings us to the conclusion of the first episode.


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And that’s the end of the episode. The ending gives us the main cast in swimsuits, but not much else. The next episode implies more comedic possibilities with them sleeping in the same room, but I doubt it or any future episode will grant as much service.

Until then, see you next time.