Kanojo Mo Kanojo Episode 02 Fanservice Review

Not much service to be found here, but we’ll take what we can get.

Nagisa’s body and cute looks continue to be a source of (comedic) envy for Saki. She wonders how Nagisa came to like Naoya, and in what seems to be an attempt to ward Nagisa away, asks if she’s creeped out at Naoya’s interest in a threesome. Saki reacts with shock when Nagisa responds by saying that if it’s something Naoya wants, she wouldn’t mind. Saki begins to think that she’s inferior in every way. This will became a running theme, as both a source of comedy and romantic progression, in that each girl in his pseudo harem feels the need to “up the ante” when feeling insecure or inferior to the other girls.


Naoya sets up three futons rather closely, to “close the distance.” Saki thinks Naoya is planning something perverted, and despite Naoya insisting this is not the case, is worried that Nagisa will initiate contact in lieu of Naoya’s vow of abstinence. Nagisa wants to sleep closer to Naoya, who takes her hand in an attempt to console her, assuming that she must be feeling lonely and out of place given the abrupt change of living space.


Amidst the shuffling beneath covers, whispers, and their close proximity, Saki thinks Naoya and Nagisa are getting more intimate than they actually are. Overwhelmed by emotion, Saki removes their covers, as Saki genuinely believes that Naoya has penetrated Nagisa. Saki is relieved to see this is not the case, and decides she wants to get closer to Naoya as well.


Nagisa wakes up early, and begins to prepare boxed lunches for later in the day. Nagisa ponders the nature of their relationship, acknowledging her happiness, but preparing for the instability. As she thinks of ways to become important to the both of them, she spots Naoya and Saki’s phones and considers searching them, wondering what kind of pornography Naoya has searched, but decides to first search Saki’s phone, for the purpose of learning everything about Saki, which she believes will give her an advantage.

Assuming that Saki’s search history wouldn’t have anything embarassing, Nagisa is surprised to see searches like “when/how to have sex for the first time,” and “how to get your boyfriend in the mood.” Nagisa looks through Saki’s twitter history, and sees a tweet in which Saki hopes that she and Nagisa can remain good friends. Naoya and Saki wake up shortly after, and realizing the situation, Naoya covers for Nagisa and claims he was searching Saki’s smartphone history. Saki tries to say she was searching such information for her friend, but Naoya doesn’t buy it and Saki punches him in her embarassment.


Nagisa claims she has gone as far as skipping school in her attempts to better herself to win Naoya’s heart. Realizing what this means for her schooling, Naoya attempts to tutor Nagisa. Unfortunately, Nagisa concedes that she’s a terrible student. Given that Saki seemed to be calculating definite integrals in the first episode, Nagisa struggling to master polynomial factorization means she has quite the bridge to gap.


The other students in Nagisa’s class are obviously interested in why she’s absent from school. Naoya and Saki are worried that she won’t be able to make any friends, so Naoya takes action and almost announces to the class that he and Nagisa are in a relationship to help her. Saki, wanting to conceal the three way relationship, stops Naoya from telling everyone.


Saki confronts Naoya on the roof, Nagisa intervenes and tells them both that she’s alright with how things are, if it means that her dream of being with Naoya is realized. Nagisa begins to walk away after saying she’ll have her lunch in the bathroom. Naoya and Saki are touched and express their desire to get along in school, though in private.

Webm Album

This brings us to the end of the episode. The end card shows us that next episode Naoya gets a handful courtesy of Nagisa, which I would have made a webm of, but I figured I should wait until the actual episode is out next week so I can provide some context.

As I said, a very dry episode for service, but given that it isn’t the main appeal of the show it’s nothing to get upset about. Enjoy all instances of service when they are given, and perhaps enjoy it for what it is: a romantic comedy. Until then, see you next time.