Kanojo Mo Kanojo Episode 03 Fanservice Review

A tame episode, but a promising future.

We continue directly from where we left off, with the trio on the rooftop (attempting) to have lunch.

Saki and Naoya want to find a place where the trio can eat lunch together in private. Nagisa insists that she’s fine being alone at school, explaining that having Saki agree to the relationship is more than satisfactory. However, the amount of noise they make alerts a faculty member to their presence, who angrily shouts that where they’re at is off limits.


Looking for a place to have lunch, Nagisa offers a location that she knows not many people visit because she “was often alone during middle school.” She leads the trio to a variety of restrooms, each of which are denied, and in the final restroom trip Saki realizes Naoya followed them into the girls bathroom, and Saki angrily tells him to get out. Some other schoolgirls see Saki push Naoya out and are quick to gossip on the embarrassing situation.

Nagisa leads Naoya and Saki to a few of her old lunch eating spots, with Nagisa adding that she’s familiar with such spots because she never had friends throughout school.


This was from a brief flashback to episode 01. I took another shot at defogging because you never know if some intern fucked up somewhere, but it seems that Saki is still wielding blanks.


Saki realizes that she’s done little in comparison to Nagisa, and in fear of losing Naoya’s favor, sets out to even the scales.


Our blonde bounces onto the scene in an early cameo. Interesting here that the manga does not include the above gacha pull scene, instead having Saki briefly mention “playing a game” before the next panel cuts away. Obviously, this is a welcome change.Saki decides to try cooking, inspired by the success of Nagisa. Unfortunately, her attempt at cooking fails miserably, and she is left distraught until well into the early hours of the morning. Believing her value as a girlfriend is non-existent Saki takes action, and while not explicitly stated, it is heavily implied through her actions that she was willing to have sex with Naoya. This offer is declined however, as Naoya reaffirms his commitment to the both of them.


The pros and cons of animation. Saki has some very cute lingerie design in the manga that would be great to see animated, but obviously could not due to the amount of time and money it would have required.

Despite her best efforts, Saki’s collapse to the ground simply cannot produce a bounce as effectively as Nagisa or the blonde. She does have a nice body though.Saki believes Naoya doesn’t want her, and is convinced that he’s comparing her relatively small bust to Nagisa’s much more impressive size. Saki leaves a note telling Naoya she’ll be returning home, which is located directly next door. This would be a painful contrivance were this not a comedy.


Nagisa’s imagination runs wild at the thought of living alone with Naoya. However, Naoya declares his intention to win back Saki, and Nagisa, being wholly devoted to Naoya’s cause, puts aside her own desires and decides to help him.


Naoya is desperate for Saki to return, and through a medley of machinations, attempts to convince Saki to continue with their prior living arrangements.

Naoya shows all the twitter pages he follows. In this he attempts to convince Saki that he loves assets of all shapes and sizes, not just big.


Nagisa seems to have once been bespectacled. Whether she wears contacts or received some kind of corrective eye surgery, has not been revealed yet. Nagisa asks Naoya if having just her isn’t enough, and Naoya responds by saying that he’s dedicated himself to this cause, leading Nagisa to remember why she fell for Naoya. Perhaps this will be explored further as the series continues.


The indentation Naoya’s fingers imprint on Nagisa’s breasts, gives us a visual indication of what we all suspected: that Nagisa’s got an impressive pair, soft, squishy, and sizable. While bringing joy to the viewer and certainly to Naoya, this enrages Saki.


Nagisa’s plan works and Saki is compelled to action by leaping across her balcony. Now, Naoya can speak with Saki directly with no interruptions.


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The teaser for the next episode implies we’ll be seeing more of the blonde. To this point, Saki has felt inadequate to Nagisa, so it would be natural to assume that when the other girls join the party, Nagisa may begin to feel inadequate in comparison to them. Thinking back to the gacha pull sequence, the blonde’s assets put Nagisa’s to shame. Perhaps this will be where Nagisa begins to feel vulnerable. But, that is all for next episode’s review. Until then, see you next time.