Kanojo Mo Kanojo Episode 06 Fanservice Review

Another dud – not much service and only minor plot development. We do get some cute shots of Mirika though.

This episode focuses on Mirika’s development as an (inevitable) member of Naoya’s harem. Given the miniscule service, there will be fewer Webm’s and screenshots.

Mirika is adjusting well to living in a tent outside Naoya’s house. Naoya once again attempts to convince Mirika to leave, but Mirika threatens Naoya with burning charcoal if he tries to move her things.


Saki is worried how Mirika would react if the trio attempts to aggressively evict her. Naoya notices Mirika leaving her tent, and brilliantly decides to call and try selling Mirika’s equipment. Saki angrily rebukes Naoya for this, and Naoya fears that he may eventually fall for Mirika, explaining that his initial rejection cannot be fully trusted because he’s already a two-timer. Naoya’s words compel Saki to agree to sell Mirika’s items.


Naoya leaves the selling to Saki and Nagisa, and goes on ahead to delay Mirika from returning home. However, Naoya fails and Mirika arrives in time to witness the sale.


Mirika threatens to cause a scene and ruin Naoya’s reputation by crying out and branding Naoya a pervert attempting to harass her. Naoya claims that he doesn’t care and is willing to take the label if it’s for the good of current relationship.


Direct your attention to the bottom left panel. This is interesting; the manga gives us the slightest of panty shots. This could have easily been taken away given that all other opportunities for panty shots in the manga were covered or not shown. It’s possible that panties could be a BD addition. If not, it’s simply absurd – you can see well past the bottom of her ass! So in such a case, she’s either no-pan or is wearing some age inappropriate underwear.

Naoya’s efforts in rejecting Mirika continue to earn her affection. Even knowing he’s actively two-timing his girlfriends, Mirika has decided that Naoya is not a terrible person, after having witnessed his devotion to Saki and Nagisa.


Naoya presents Mirika with an IOU, who tears it up and swears she will not give up.¬†Mirika’s father arrives shortly after, justifiably concerned that his daughter has been gone for a few days without mentioning why, or where she’d be.


A girl that is willing to punch out her own father is one of two things: a keeper, or someone to keep out of your life.Look at that face, you know what she’s thinking. Mirika’s “love” may have been shallow before, (and probably still is) but she is now far more earnest in her quest for Naoya’s affection, and her feelings are now genuine.

Mirika and her father get in a fight, and Mirika’s father discovers her “MeTube” account along with the many videos featuring her cleavage. Before her father can continue, Naoya defends Mirika and claims her videos are a form of high entertainment, praising her creativity and unique editing. Mirika’s father is not amused, and eventually attempts to delete her channel, before Naoya defends her again and promises to protect her. In response to this, Mirika blushes furiously and says she will return home for now, because she has some things to think about. Saki and Nagisa can only look on in fear, knowing that Naoya and Mirika’s feelings are now probably mutual, and that there will be trouble in the near future.



Webm “Album”

And that’s it for this week’s episode. Normally, if a next episode preview contains something Webm worthy, I would wait until that episode review. However, given this episode was so dry and had little Webm worthy moments, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to include it this time. Given that next episode will have Saki in a bunny suit, there will probably be quite a few Webm worthy moments. Hopefully, Nagisa will make an appearance in a bunny suit as well, as she simply has the more appropriate figure to do a bunny suit justice.

Until then, see you next time.