Kanojo Mo Kanojo Episode 07 Fanservice Review

A fair episode and a promising future.

Saki and Naoya are worried about Mirika, and both agree that something needs to be done about the situation, but are not sure what to do.

If the anime were to follow the manga sequentially, the swimsuit bathroom scene that happened in episode 05 would take place immediately following this. However, I made a grave and unforgiveable error in claiming the scene was anime original, because I hadn’t read ahead to see that it isn’t. It simply took place earlier in the anime than in the manga. For this, I can only apologize. I will update the earlier episode to correct the error when there is a gap available in the posting schedule. but I will leave the mention here as a mark of shame, and as a reminder to never allow a mistake like this to happen again.


Saki returns to her parents house for some clothes. Mom here serves our best interest, as she bluntly asks Saki if she’s “done it” yet. Saki is shocked by the question but acknowledges that she hasn’t. Saki’s mother is confused that Naoya could resist her daughter’s charm and claims her cuteness can awaken the man inside Naoya, and Saki is inspired to action in fear that she will be a lifelong wizard.


Saki’s plan to seduce Naoya is to wear a bunny suit and tempt him while Nagisa sleeps. Naoya continues to reject Saki for his promise to the both of them, and as a result Saki again questions her own attractiveness. It is painfully obvious that Saki isn’t as emotionally prepared to “do it” as she believes herself to be, given her embarrassment at being groped by Naoya as her bunny suit began to slip.

An interesting thing to note here is that the anime so far has progressed at a pace of 3-4 chapters per episode. Episode 06 covered up to the end of Chapter 19, and we begin episode 07 at Chapter 20. Saki approaching Naoya in the bunny suit doesn’t take place until Chapter 37. It’s clear the production studio is taking whatever service exists in the manga to put into the anime, and given the Saki and Nagisa swimsuit scene in the bathroom during episode 05 taking place earlier than in the manga, they are also evenly spacing out instances of service.


Nagisa stumbles on Saki’s bunny suit that was foolishly placed in the laundry. Due to her good nature, Nagisa reacts not with jealousy, but with a desire to satisfy Naoya with her own “cute and erotic” cosplay. Nagisa ups the ante by calling Naoya master at his request. Strangely, the manga has Nagisa and Naoya embrace each other in mutual joy, but the anime simply cuts away.


Nagisa is unable to separate her maid persona from her normal self, and slips up by calling Naoya master in the presence of Saki. It takes Saki a few moments to process the significance of this, but the image directly above is her reaction to Nagisa’s utterance of the word.


It’s Mirika’s turn to shine this episode, as the anime returns to covering the events of Chapter 20. Mirika seems to be in denial of her feelings for Naoya, acknowledging that he’s a two-timer thus worthy of scorn, but aware that her feelings have almost certainly graduated from an interest born of her pride from being rejected, to genuine infatuation upon witnessing Naoya defend her MeTube activities from her father. Mirika asks Naoya to speak in private, and they move to the rooftop.


Naoya apologizes to Mirika for having to reject her, and is obviously growing more attracted to her with each encounter. Mirika thanks Naoya for defending her, and explains the situation behind the creation of her MeTube account – her father pressured her into studying more to improve her grades, but schooling is not what she wants to do, so she explored alternative ways to find success, and has recently found that success through creating videos. Naoya’s support continues to fluster Mirika who runs away out of embarrassment.


Mirika is finally able to accept her feelings and admits she loves Naoya. Unfortunately, she says it aloud, unaware of Saki’s presence.

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Next episode is promising some comedic hijinks, but there probably won’t be anything like this episode’s service. Given this episode’s demonstration of the studio’s willingness to take service from far into the manga and throw it in the anime, I wouldn’t be surprised to see most if not all future instances of such service to be featured in the anime. So, that’s good news for future episodes.

Until then, see you next time.