Kanojo Mo Kanojo Episode 08 Fanservice Review

Mirika continues her aggressive approach, Saki gives us a glimpse of her underwear, and Nagisa is mounted by Naoya.

Mirika enters the classroom to greet Naoya and is almost immediately rebuked by Saki, who also takes this opportunity to grope Mirika and accuse her of trying to seduce Naoya with her sizable breasts. Saki additionally warns Mirika to stay away, but Mirika is not worried, saying that at some point she will have an opportunity to have Naoya alone. To counter this, Saki asks Naoya to stay by her side while at school, and to not leave for a second. Naoya mistakes this message and hugs Saki strongly, causing her embarrassment, but also causing her to indirectly admit that she enjoys it.


Naoya clings to Saki for the remainder of the class period. This seating situation has obvious repercussions when Naoya’s hand brushes against Saki’s breast accidentally, causing her to yelp and draw the attention of the rest of the students. Their next class is PE, and Naoya asks if they should change together. Saki rejects this idea until Mirika proudly claims she’ll get to be alone with Naoya otherwise. Saki refuses to allow this to happen and runs down the hall, finds an empty room, and locks herself and Naoya in.


Does this count as a panty shot? It is at least, the first glimpse of them we see in the anime.

Saki is embarrassed at having to endure the situation, but when Naoya offers to leave the room for Saki’s peace of mind, she reaches out to stop him, knowing that Mirika is waiting outside. Nagisa sends Saki a message, telling her that she sent an anonymous message to Mirika that forced her go to the rooftop. This gives Saki and Naoya a chance to leave the room without Mirika bothering them.


Back at home, Nagisa recalls how Naoya passionately hugged Saki in front of the class, and admits she would like to experience the same. However, she would feel bad for Saki if this happened, believing this would inspire feelings of jealousy in Saki. This statement seems to challenge Saki, who declares she wouldn’t mind if it happened. Naoya asks Saki to watch them hug, explaining that it could make Saki anxious if this were to happen behind her back.


Being forced to watch Naoya and Nagisa embrace, Saki finds it difficult to look away, even admitting that she finds this exciting. In fear of the possibility she is developing a Netorare fetish, she claims that she is excited only at the sight of two young people getting intimate, and not the idea that Naoya is being taken away by Nagisa.


Did my best here to crop out Naoya. Do not fear, as not a single pixel of Nagisa’s body has been cropped out. Nagisa is clearly much bigger from what we’ve seen in earlier episodes, so perhaps this is Saki coping by imagining Nagisa with smaller breasts.

Saki is no longer able to endure the scene and relieves her frustration by attacking Naoya.


Mirika follows Naoya and Saki home, and further demonstrates her infatuation with Naoya in front of Saki. Upon returning home, Naoya wonders aloud if Mirika has begun to like him. Saki and Nagisa react in shock and fear, and immediately plot to convince Naoya otherwise, aware that if he realizes Mirika’s feelings, the chances of this trio becoming a quartet increase dramatically. To do this, Saki belittles Naoya, claiming that he’s only average and that earning the feelings of herself and Nagisa was pure luck.


Naoya is convinced, but wonders why Mirika’s face is always red when she’s near him. Saki claims that it’s because Mirika is in heat, and that she simply wants to “do it,” and that it doesn’t matter with whom. The abject failure of the sexual education system in this universe is best demonstrated here, as not only does Naoya fully believe this lie, but also believes Saki when she claims that only some girls have it, and that the intensity in which they experience this heat is proportional to the size of their breasts. This backfires on Saki when Naoya immediately approaches Nagisa upon hearing this, offering his assistance should Nagisa ever experience issues during her “heat period.”


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And we’re once again brought to the end of an episode. Naoya publicly apologizes to Mirika for having thought she had a crush on him. Mirika is stunned at Naoya so flatly stating this, and drags him off in view of the classroom.

The next episode preview has a shot of the trio sitting near a riverbank, with Nagisa and Saki sporting dead fish eyes. Given that this is not a hentai, it would be appropriate to assume that the reason for this is far more benign and innocent than what one would conclude otherwise. This is a question that will be answered next episode though.

Until then, see you next time.