Kanojo Mo Kanojo Episode 09 Fanservice Review

For fanservice, this may be regarded as one of the most forgettable episode of this series, but that only makes what’s coming next week that much better.

If you are not interested in the “plot” of this series and are here for the miniscule amounts of fanservice, the only thing that will interest you in this post is the next episode’s preview at the bottom. I guarantee it is at least worth a minute or two of your time.

Naoya expresses feelings of sympathy towards Mirika, under his pathetically mistaken view on female “heat” taught to him by Saki.  Mirika is upset at Naoya’s stupidity, but realizes that having to deny this forces her to explain her behavior, essentially amounting to a confession.


Mirika asks Naoya a hypothetical question: If she were to tell him that she loved him, how would he respond? Naoya says he’d reject her which leaves Mirika distraught. She quickly recovers however, having remembered the effort required of her to become popular on MeTube, realizing that earning Naoya’s affection will require significant effort as well.


Mirika returns to the classroom and confesses in front of all the students, and drags Naoya off for some privacy. Another girl from the class, who you have probably recognized as the fourth girl from both the OP and ED, appears to be interested in the situation and follows the quartet.


Mirika steals Naoya’s first kiss to the complete horror of Saki and Nagisa.


Our fourth girl has appeared as a minor background character from the first episode. You may have noticed how her appearances have become more frequent. Her name is Shino, and from this point she will finally begin to play her role in the series.


Saki and Nagisa sit despondent on the riverbank, lamenting that neither of them were able to have Naoya’s first kiss. They are eventually able to find some comfort knowing that it was stolen from him, and that he was more surprised than excited. This breathes renewed confidence and vigor from the two girls, with Saki excitedly claiming that they’ll simply have to share a kiss that is far more memorable than what Mirika did with Naoya. In an effort to thwart Mirika’s continued pursuit, Naoya offers that the trio go on a date to further strengthen their bond.


The next episode preview promises us at least two good reasons to watch next week. Given the title of the next episode is something like “Fun in the Hot Springs,” we wouldn’t need to see into the future to know we’re in for a good time. And though I am no soothsayer, I am here to show you a preview of what will be given to us in roughly a week’s time.


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Our onsen episode seems to have it all: towel slips, steam obscuring the more interesting parts, accidental mounting, and peeping. It seems that even our new girl Shino will join in the action despite her minimal impact to this point, though that will soon change. If there is truth to the phrase that there is always a calm before the storm, then this episode certainly qualifies as the calm. I’m hopeful that this next episode makes reviewing this series worth it, but perhaps I’m getting too hopeful.

I can say only that I’m truly looking forward to seeing you all next time.