Kanojo Mo Kanojo Episode 10 Fanservice Review

Our bath scene lasts only a few minutes, but it seems next week will have most of what we’re looking for.

Most of this week’s episode is leading up to the bathhouse, and Shino’s growing influence in the story.

A reminder that last episode Shino overheard Mirika’s meeting with the trio in their private hideout. As Mirika left this meeting, she said that in order for Naoya to date her, he’d have to dump Saki and Nagisa first. While unable to confirm this two-timing on Mirika’s words alone, Shino is still good friends with Saki and is now strongly suspicious of the situation surrounding the trio.

After class is over, Shino calls out to “Mukai-kun” (Naoya) and asks to speak with him. However, she is interrupted by Saki who quickly grabs Naoya to take him shopping.


The trio are shopping in preparation for their hot springs trip, and they split up to speed things up. Just before this, Saki asks Nagisa if they’ll both “take it easy” during the trip, which is meant to tell her that neither she nor Nagisa should attempt to seduce Naoya. Saki’s motives in this are not so noble as will be seen shortly.

As Nagisa is browsing, she spots some mints and thinks that if things get intimate between herself and Naoya, she may as well have fresh breath. Despite Nagisa’s tacit agreement with Saki earlier, she realizes that given the bold moves of Mirika, that she must become more serious in her pursuit of Naoya, and hopes that she can at least kiss him. When Saki and Nagisa reach out for the same mints, they both immediately understand the other’s ulterior motive – making moves on Naoya while the other does not. Saki admits that she was trying to kiss Naoya first through this deception, though Nagisa doesn’t seem upset that she was lied to. Nagisa even yields to Saki and says she’ll support her during the trip, as she feels it’s more appropriate that she kiss Naoya first.


Mirika overhears the trio discuss their trip, and helpfully states out loud her intention to join; she will not be the only one joining uninvited.


Saki discusses her plan to go on a hot springs trip with Naoya with Shino, sensibly omitting Nagisa’s presence. Shino suspects that if her friend Saki is being two-timed, the third wheel will be present as well, so she decides to crash the party.


From Chapter 28 of the manga, we get these two color pages. Strangely, it seems that the first page of Saki and Nagisa getting dressed was not included in the anime. The above webm of Mirika holding up her bikini top seems to have replaced it.

The trio makes their way to the hot springs, unaware that it will soon become a quintet. Mirika and Shino both followed the trio and reveal themselves. Seeing that Nagisa came with Saki and Naoya, Shino’s suspicions are almost confirmed, and she bluntly asks her friend Saki if she’s being two-timed. The trio are quick to panic, but Nagisa demonstrates her indispensability to the trio by lying to Shino that she was there with Mirika, and that they encountered Saki and Naoya by chance. Nagisa coerces Mirika into this facade by threatening to reveal her identity as a MeTuber.

Nagisa later texts Saki that it’s best for Naoya and Saki to enjoy the trip together, because if she is seen with Naoya at all then the truth will be revealed. Naoya is unable to accept this and finds Nagisa.


Nagisa approaches Mirika in the bath. Some basic editing shows some generic white water censorship.

Look closely at this first frame and you’ll see some unfortunately placed image noise. There is also more white water censorship, but you could fit something there if an artist was directed to.

This is the first frame in which Mirika begins to rotate her body and head. With this comes movement which obviously drew my interest, as it gives a small opportunity for something to be added. The shifting fog removed the noise that was present in the previous frame, which about definitively answers the question on all our minds.

In this frame, Mirika’s body is rotated to the full extent it will be in this particular shot. The last cope has been exhausted, as if there was something there hidden under the water, it would be shown by now because her pair is mostly out of the water at this point.  Nagisa’s flat butt in this shot is only a meager compensation for this, further compounding the disappointment.

Not sure why they decided to give some light censors to this Nagisa butt shot. Maybe there’s a giant flashlight behind her and I’m just not seeing it.

Naoya attempts to convince Nagisa to come back with him to Saki, to spend their time as a trio. In her embarrassment, Nagisa rejects Naoya and tells him not to worry about her. With Nagisa gone, Mirika immediately takes this opportunity to advance on Naoya, now having the moment alone with Naoya she’d been waiting for.


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In retrospect, it makes sense that they’d pace this episode as they did, to save the bath time for as late as possible. There isn’t much longer to wait until episode 11, and I’m interested in seeing how they adapt this. Given the next three chapters (30-32) are absolutely filled with typical bath shenanigans, the entirety of next episode could be dedicated to this. But, we’ll have to wait and see.

Until then, see you next time.