Kanojo Mo Kanojo Episode 11 Fanservice Review

Winding up – winding down.

There won’t be too much to say for an episode like this, assuming anyone reads anything written in these posts anyway. Towards the end Nagisa receives some significant attention when we learn more about her past.

Mirika does her best to seduce Naoya in the bath. When Naoya tries to leave to find Nagisa, Mirika convinces Naoya to stay so they can learn more about each other, but is only given 5 minutes. Mirika also reveals her real name during this exchange: Rika Hoshizaki. After the 5 minutes is up, Mirika suffers a towel malfunction and her bare ass is exposed, and Mirika angrily urges Naoya away.




I assume her bare ass will be revealed in all its glory for the BD’s.

Naoya stumbles upon Shino in the girl’s bath. After overcoming her embarrassment, she demands to know if Naoya is two-timing her friend Saki, while also badgering Naoya with all the drawbacks that result from a polygamous relationship. Naoya attempts to flee, but Shino holds onto him by his pants. With her arms unable to secure the integrity of her towel, it begins to slip and although she is embarrassed, she declares that she doesn’t have much to see anyway.

Naoya loses his grip and Shino somehow ends up on top of him. And, similarly to episode 2, assumes that Naoya has penetrated another woman.

Light beam hard censors. Very strange for this reason: I’m pretty sure Naoya’s head will still be blocking her intimate bits when the light beams are banished. The outline of her right breast is visible though, if it means anything to you.

Naoya’s head rotates slightly, and it shows us just a little bit more of what I think we all would like to see. Nothing further to be revealed here though unfortunately.

While Saki agonizes over her boyfriend’s perceived lecherous activities, Nagisa proves yet again her intelligence and ruthlessness, immediately recognizing the situation for what it is (an accident) and taking advantage of it by photographing Shino in this compromising position, which in the future will be used to blackmail Shino into silence.

Some pretty hard fog censorship here. I don’t think it’s too strange that they don’t go for thin fog with blank breasts for this shot. Saki’s “nudity” in episode 1 had editable fog, but she was chest deep in water. Perhaps they didn’t want full body “nudity?” She does have cleavage, which I think shows they’ll remove it for the BD’s. While all the girls here remaining blank is an almost certainty, it should make for an easy nude edit.

Shino’s body and head rotate very slightly, giving us some more vision on the outline of her right breast. Despite being featured in this show the least of all major female characters, Shino here has has now had more skin revealed than any others.

This lasts exactly one frame and I almost missed it. I thought for a while that the Shino here could have been taken from another frame and used here, and cut rapidly to hide this, but the only other shot it could have been taken from is the full frontal just above. It might be, but the position of her right arm here and there are different. Also, the fog censors are placed in different locations, as in this one you see a good part of her underboob. In the below shot, exactly one frame after, you can see the shading on her neck is different, reaching down to her clavicle. So, I think it’s unlikely. Very strange that they’d draw this out and show it for only a few frames. Perhaps this will be a BD improvement?

Same here, one frame only before rapidly cutting to Shino’s full panicked face.

Shino’s bare ass in full view again. Rather, it would be had there not been another light censor. Strange, given that it’s been in full view in this very episode. If you look closely at her left glute you can see what is probably the beginning of a crease. This censorship will probably be removed for BD’s as well.

As for the story, Shino runs off in complete embarrassment after accidentally exposing herself. If her constant blushing, and sudden interest in Naoya didn’t make it obvious enough, Shino is later revealed to have feelings for Naoya.



Decent view, just don’t look at Saki’s eyes.

Nagisa continues to insist that Saki and Naoya spend the remainder of the trip with each other. She also reveals the depth of her fear of the relationship failing. Aware that she is bothering Saki with only her presence, Nagisa feels that if she stays away as often as she can, Saki may eventually come to accept the three way, but ignoring her would have Saki become annoyed and demand its end.

After Saki sends Naoya flying, Nagisa has a heart to heart with Saki in which she explains her past: she considers herself a slow person, having to spend significant time to achieve even average results at any one thing. Wondering if there was anything she could naturally excel at, she tried a myriad of activities, but found that even after spending 500 to 1000 hours on anything, she still wasn’t any good. Nagisa began a period of depression as a result, until she witnesses Naoya’s persistence first hand. In admiration of Naoya’s refusal to give up, Nagisa resolves herself to score at least average on her high school entrance exam. After seeing Naoya again the next day, she realizes her feelings for him, though conflicted knowing he had outwardly stated his feelings for Saki. Regardless, Nagisa desires to earn Naoya’s affection, and begins working a job (with trouble) for money to buy quality ingredients to cook with, and exercising to eliminate the flab she accumulated due to her studying.

Nagisa suffers setbacks as she did before, but is now more confident knowing she is working towards an achievable goal. She credits Naoya with her current, more confident and competent self, and explains she is happy with the situation because it means she gets to be together with Naoya, who happened to be just behind the fence, listening to this entire conversation, which will set up next week’s episode and lead to the concluding scene of this anime.



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And with that, it’s here and passed all in one. For a series that seems to use nudity and sexuality to enhance the comedy, and in recognition for what this review series is focusing on, this was a nice episode to see after 10 episodes of some fairly tame service. In the very unlikely event this is given the nude bonuses on BD, it’d be a fantastic tool to get some more ardent ecchi purists to give it a watch. Remember that this is a comedy first though, and you might walk away enjoying what you’ve seen.

Next episode is the last, and it’s probably going to end with Nagisa publicly declaring herself Naoya’s girlfriend, exposing the trio’s relationship. This gives Nagisa some much needed development in the area of confidence, and in the process undoubtedly earning the admiration of some viewers.

Until then, see you next time.