Kanojo Mo Kanojo Episode 12 Fanservice Review

It’s the end for us, but not for this quintet.

Our final episode has little service to provide. It is a focus on the relationship between Nagisa and Naoya, and a resolution of Nagisa’s conflict within it.

Nagisa gives us a daki worthy pose, but is unfortunately not in a state of undress.

Much of what is seen here expands on what was stated during last episode and its review. Nagisa explains her past in more detail and how she came to fall in love with Naoya, inspired by his confidence and perseverance, she adopted this same attitude and vowed to earn his love, which eventually led to her confession on the rooftop in episode 01.


Just a little bit of editing here shows how detailed they were in drawing their bodies beneath the water. If it weren’t for the water, we’d see Saki’s bare, uncovered crotch.

Cherish this distant shot of Nagisa’s butt. It’s the last we’ll see of her, or any of these girl nude.

Naoya confronts Nagisa after having overheard her conversation with Saki. Naoya begs Nagisa to stop holding back for his and Saki’s sake, but Nagisa runs away in embarrassment. Shino sees Mirika in the hall, and asks what her relationship is with Naoya, but they are interrupted by Nagisa and join Naoya to give chase.


I’m convinced the producers knew exactly the image (male) viewers would have upon seeing Mirika bent over the railing, and turning towards the viewer all while panting heavily.

Naoya, never a man to give up easily, continues to chase Nagisa long after the other three have given up. This is not out of character for Nagisa – remember that she would be the most physically fit of anyone here, given the amount of exercise she’s mentioned to have done prior to her confession. I suppose they’re trying to make a point of Naoya’s dedication and love for Nagisa by showing him continuing to pursue her in what is sure to be a state of significant fatigue.


Naoya tells Nagisa that he’ll never give up on her, and will do all he can to get Saki to accept the relationship. In return, he’d like Nagisa to stop conceding “first place” to Saki. The rest of the girls arrive as this is happening, and Shino demands to know if the relationship is a three-way. When Saki hesitates, she asks Nagisa, who answers by apologizing to Saki, leaning in to kiss Naoya on the cheek, and proudly announcing that she too is Naoya’s girlfriend. Saki challenges Nagisa on this decision, which is essentially a declaration that the two will compete to be Naoya’s number one. After Nagisa accepts, the trio flee the scene to escape the wrath of Shino.


The trio enjoy the remainder of their trip together, with some particular focus given to Nagisa.

Shino’s true feelings are finally revealed. While she does want the relationship to stop for the sake of her friend Saki, she is also personally invested because she too has feelings for Naoya. Shino feels that if the relationship is between only Saki and Naoya, she can move on from Naoya because she wouldn’t want to make a move on her friend’s boyfriend. However, if Naoya is with anyone but Saki, she may feel compelled to make a move on him.


This is the last frame of the series. The trio couldn’t look any happier.



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And here we are at end, after 12 weeks. This turned out to be a fun series to cover and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I. Personally I’ve become invested enough to follow the manga to its conclusion.While the quantity of service in this series may not have satisfied some of you, I hope you can understand and agree that it did have some moments worthy of noting. For those looking for a mix of comedy and very mild ecchi that did not watch this through, I can say with confidence that this may just be worth your time. At the very least, keep it on a list for when a season comes where there isn’t much that interests you.

The first BD volume releases on October 6th. It will obviously contain the first episode which featured the bath scene with Saki and Nagisa. I strongly doubt we’ll get uncensored nudity, but every once in a while a show you never expected to have nudity will deliver. The last such anime I personally recall being pleasantly surprised with is Luck and Logic. Don’t get your hopes up, but do not resign to despair, there is always a chance no matter how minor.

I’ll probably end up covering something for the fall season, which is unfortunately looking a bit barren with the delay of Date A Live. I’ll be back in a few weeks with whatever I end up with, probably Mushoku Tensei. I’ll see you then, but as for this series, I won’t be seeing you next time.