Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S Episode 1 Fanservice Review

Best dragon has arrived

Kyoto Animation returns to the spotlight with another moe filled season of Maid Dragon.  There was concern over whether they would be conservative with Ilulu’s design – a shortstack with tittes fatter than her head. They did change some things as will be noted below, but she still looks appropriately lewd. I can already hear the nuns on anime twitter grinding their teeth.

If you didn’t watch S1 of Maid Dragon, a basic synopsis is that a group of dragons befriend and live amongst humans who treat them with love and care. It’s a wholesome premise with themes of family and acceptance regardless of appearance, background, differences. It’s also shamelessly lewd with non-transparent appeals to yuri, shota and loli teasing. I’d guess that this will be the second best ecchi of the season behind the one show with nudity.

Tohru considers herself to be the ultimate maid. She feels threatened when a local maid cafe opens for business and goes there to end the competition.

A continual source of comedy in Maid Dragon is Tohru being innately incongruous with maid-like responsibilities, given that she’s a hot headed dragon with the destructive power to nuke a city. Even still she tries her hardest to look cute, be obedient and serve her one true master.

Somehow, she winds up working at the cafe instead of burning it down as were her original intentions. Thus begins her training arc to become a better maid. Does this seem like a banal topic to you? Well that’s moe anime in a nutshell.

The original dragon loli Kanna is not lewded in this episodes, merely present to give cute delayed reactions.

note – this somehow turned out to be delicious. Confirmed by Kanna who offered to be the first taste sacrifice.

On their way home from the cafe, Ilulu suddenly appears seeking a fight with Tohru. She is fascinated by Tohru’s relationship with a human, who is considered to be the natural enemy of dragons, and derives some pleasure in trying to sever that relationship.

It’s kinda hard to take her seriously as an evil villain when her titties are that massive. Her grin is also more cute than it is sinister, like a chihuahua on edge. Nonetheless, the fights from this scene are intense and deliver some beautiful sakuga.

After being bribed with food, Elma is able to erect a barrier that will protect the city from harm. This then allows Tohru to use her maximum power to defeat the titty monster.

Of course, this isn’t the end of her attempts to meddle in the relationship of Kobayashi and Tohru. She’ll be back shortly.

Lucoa, the original big titty dragon who was a massive source of controversy in season one, and her humorously named companion Shouta, make a small appearance here in the first episode.

10/10 ass. Ilula returns to antagonize Kobayashi, though with 100% less murderous intent.

It should be noted here that Iluma doesn’t wear a bra in the manga. So its just her cupping her bare titties in this scene. However, the manga doesn’t show nipples in this instance either. If there’s any hope for a realistic BD change it would be to remove the bra while still obscuring nipples, but even that is pushing it.

Ilulu is under the impression that Kobayashi is a male and has been seduced by Tohru. Hard to blame her for thinking so, frankly. This shot is reminiscent of Cool-Kyou’s other manga about tit fucking, ChiChiChi.

Ilulu follows Kobayashi on a train still obsessed with the relationship between a human and a dragon. She can’t bring herself to understand why the two sides would cooperate. It can be assumed that her character development will involve getting to know humans better and assimilating into their spaces.

In an unexpected twist, Ilulla turns her initial misconception into reality by magically giving Kobayashi a dick. So now she’s a he. Yeah. Next week is gonna be weird.

I can imagine this anime being hit or miss with the fapservice crowd. There will (likely) not be any nudity and the service will trend more towards moe than degeneracy. but the strong introduction of Ilulu gives me hope that the service for season two will be consistently high for non nude standards. Lot to look forward to here if episode one is any indication of the future.

Note – there’s a good bit of fanservice in the opening and ending themes. Both of which are awesome. I’m waiting for a version to appear without credits so that the gifs can be made cleanly, so tbd on that.

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