Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S Episode 10 Fanservice Review

Happy Kanna Day

Last week featured Elma as the central character. This week features Kanna in what is perhaps the most wholesome episode of the season. If you love the dragon loli, you love this episode. If you don’t, what is wrong with you? She’s precious.

The first segment begins with Kanna running away from home after an argument with Kobayashi.

Somehow, Kanna winds up in New York City. That is kinda far away from Japan. She appropriately stands out as a weird, yet adorable figure.

Kanna later runs into a blonde American rich girl named Chloe, who has also run away from home, frantically escaping gangsters who want to hold her hostage for ransom.  The two immediately become bffs and explore the city together.

It might be apparent by now, but this episode has like no ecchi fanservice. At all. So we’re just gonna make do with cute girl moe service instead. Kanna riding a skateboard qualifies as that.

Kanna begins to miss Kobayashi. effectively Kanna’s mother, after a short period away from home. She feels compelled to say goodbye to Chloe and return to Japan.

The American loli gets kidnapped. Fortunately she just so happened to befriend an extremely powerful Dragon with the power to decimate a small city.

This is the only gif that can be considered somewhat lewd fanservice, I guess given the focus on Kanna’s thighs. Depends on your degeneracy levels.

To no surprise, Kanna saves Chloe from starring in a low budget hentai. The two have a wholesome talk about the importance of family and finding a home that accepts you. They promise to meet again someday in the future, as friends. Adorable.

All is well again in the Kobayashi household. In the next segment Kobayashi is off from work and Kanna is on summer break from school, so they spend the day together.

Usually, reviewing a non-lewd episode for Fapservice.com makes me upset. Because if you remove the sexual innuendo from 99% of ecchi shows you’re left with nothing of value, and I then have to spend an hour collecting media for an episode I don’t care about.

Dragon Maid just so happens to fall in the 1% that has outstanding production values outside of titties bouncing – this is the best animated show of the season, genuinely likable characters who develop over time and well communicated themes – none more important than finding a place to call home as Kanna and Chloe emphasized in this episode.

Others may roll their eyes at all that crap, justifiably so. This is Fapservice.com. You are expected to receive fap-worthy content and this ain’t really it unless you’re the ultimate moe lover. But the anime fan in us can perhaps appreciate the near CGDCT perfection of Dragon Maid, and the sheer dedication Kyo Ani has committed to making this series look so good in animation.

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