Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S Episode 11 Fanservice Review

Nearing the end of cute dragons doing cute things

This week offers a little more fanservice than the last, but is mostly about character building and emphasizing the relationship between Tohru and Kobayashi.

In the first segment Kobayashi hurts her back and searches for workout equipment. As per usual, Tohru desperately wants to help her master feel better. But she feels as though her efforts are not what Kobayashi herself wants causing some minor internal conflict that is swiftly resolved cuz SOL anime.

Random workout ad girl has a nice ass. Sneaky fanservice from Kyo Ani.

The dragons all do their part to make Kobayashi feel better. Some more successful than others.

Tohru is able to turn her tail into a vibrating cushion of sorts for Kobayashi, exactly what her master needed.

In the next segment Kobayashi comes across Tohru’s father again, who you may recall injuring Kobayashi in the finale of Dragon Maid S1. He thoroughly explains the backstory of the dragons as well as his conflicts as a father who wants his child to have some level of agency, despite being the daughter of extremely powerful emperor associated with destruction.

This is pretty much his version of giving Kobayashi his blessings to be gay with Tohru. How cool and progressive of you, father person. Lastly Kobayashi goes to Tohru to listen to her version of the story and she goes into detail about her origins. It’s really interesting and shows how far Tohru has come as an individual, as well as how similar humans/dragons are in their conflicts, buuuuut no fanservice so no need for me to type a wall of text about it. Aside from the wall of text I just typed here.

Yes, that is baby Kanna. SO CUTE. Turn sound on for max cuteness. We are shown all of her encounters with the dragons that exist currently in the human world, as she questions their life approaches and develops her own reasons for living.

After a rather emotional backstory, Tohru arrives at the conclusion that she has found wants she wanted out of life all along. Not to be a war with others or to be a loner, but to be a servant to one that she loved. Someone who struggled to choose for herself, has made that choice in the present thanks to the help of Kobayashi.

My thoughts on this episode are similar to the last one – not so good in terms of ecchi fanservice, but very compelling as SOL anime. Kobayashi and Tohru have never been closer than they are shown in this episode. All the barriers and secrets are gone, truly a close knit family and that’s more or less the essence of Maid Dragon.

But, most of us are here for titties and ass. So hopefully the final episode (yes, already) has more on that front and goes out with a bang.

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