Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S Episode 12 Fanservice Review

A wholesome conclusion to the Maid Dragon saga…for now

The episode picks off where the last ended, with Kobayashi feeling conflicted about Tohru after learning of her courageous past history. “Do I deserve to be loved by such an amazing person?” is the root of Kobayashi’s stress. A festival event gives the two, as well as the rest of the cast, a chance to celebrate and deepen their bonds even further.

Pain. Kanna understands that someday, Saikawa will die of old age while she is capable of living for 1000s of years. At least for now they can be best buds and enjoy their days together.

Elsewhere, Take and Ilulu visit a shooting gallery. Ilulu is so happy now, compared to her past self, that she feels that it’s almost too good to be true. Take assures her that he’ll be there to keep her illusion of childlike happiness alive.

I ship it. The season will conclude without these two fucking each other, but it sure seems inevitable. The sexual tension is palatable.

Tohru wins “Best Yukata” in my book. She and Kobayashi have a heart to heart about their relationship while walking around the festival.

True to form, Kobayashi does not give Tohru a verbal admission of her love. But her expressions convey the truth clearly. In the next segment the crew go on a picnic together and it somehow turns into an arm wrestling match.

I’ll admit it, I was dumb enough to think Elma was gonna strip nude here. Of course its a gag as she’s trying to entertain her pals. When she had the time to draw this on her tummy, I’m not sure.

I just noticed how none of the boys are paying any attention to this whatsoever. Big titty dragons having a test of strength is a normal occurrence to them as this point – video games is where its at.

In the final segment of season two, Tohru arranges a surprise wedding for Kobayashi. One last chance for a mutual “I love you”.


and just like that, Maid Dragon season 2 comes to a close. Where Maid Dragon lacks in unrestrained ecchi shenanigan’s it compensates with loveable characters and  relationships that grow over the course of the series. Many viewers become attached to these personalities and that in turn makes the fanservice, even if better stated as kawaii service, more meaningful than simply seeing a panty flash from some waifu with stock trope personality traits. This isn’t to defend their blatant omission of the nudity in the source material – we can have characterization AND nudity, but there’s merit to different expressions of fanservice.

Massive props are in order for Kyoto Animation here. Reasonable fans would have accepted some production delays post the arson incident, but they instead responded with a strong sequel that improved upon the best areas of season 1. Character relationships deepened, key characters received more development, we were introduced to Ilulu and her glorious rack and the animation quality was superb throughout.  It’s not often you get such effort committed to cute girls doing cute things shows – it felt like a letter of appreciation for all the people who have supported their work over the years, and will continue to do so into the future.

Will there be a season three? Who knows, but there’s certainly a lot of room for such given the manga material. If it does appear then you know who to find for coverage.

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