Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S Episode 2 Fanservice Review

Taming a Dragon Loli, part 2

I know that Ilulu is technically not a child – she’s like sixteen years old which is basically a mature adult in anime years, but its more triggering to the twitter nuns to call her a loli so we’re going with that from here on out.

Anyway, you may recall episode one ending with Kobayashi growing a dick.  That surprisingly doesn’t lead to more service than last week, as most of the focus is on Ilulu’s conflict with humans and helping her overcome that.

Ilulu used to love humans no differently than dragons, until being told that they were responsible for killing her family. All of this is vaguely stated to the point that you suspect that she was lied to and led astray.

Elsewhere, Kobayashi deals with her newfound organ in tempting situations.

Kobayashi seemed to be already aroused by Tohru as a female, so the joke of her suddenly finding her attractive as a male didn’t connect with me. Maybe she’s just more conscious now than before and less able to control her emotions. Either way It’s great to see Tohru wearing nothing but a towel.

Typically those screenshots of Tohru wrapped in a towel would be turned into a stitch. But there were complicating factors that made stitch attempts difficult.

In the manga, Kanna is nude and her bare ass is shown while she’s snuggled up to Kobayashi. It makes more sense in that context why Kobayashi would respond with a flustered reaction. No one should  be surprised that Kyoani decided to clean up this scene from the manga and avoid lewding kanna at all costs.

As you can probably guess, more of Tohru’s bare skin could be seen in the manga. No nipples, but you get some clear side boob and bare ass shots that are nowhere to be found here.

It did not take Tohru long to figure out that Kobayashi grew a dick, and she now wants to make babies. Of course that doesn’t go anywhere as Kobayashi is more concerned about the maid cosplay being lost.

Elsewhere Ilulu is being hunted by a dragon from the harmony faction. She has no allies in this world to help her, or so she thinks.

Kobayashi bravely stands up to the dragon trying to hunt Ilulu, but suffers a blow in the process. Tohru didn’t like that to say the least.

The next morning all is well again. Kobayashi is a girl. Ilulu trusts at least one human being and stays in their care, to the dismay of Tohru.

It’s explained here that Ilulu’s natural breast size is even larger than it appears, but she reduces it to more manageable levels. Her tits are large to begin with because it’s the source of her fire magic. Seems legit.

Ilulu later tries to ingratiate herself into the human realm, not very effectively.

This can only end one way – with no sex being had as Kobayashi denies every advance and a rivalry emerges between Tohru/Ilulu over who will become her gay dragon lover.

After giving Ilulu a bra in episode one and covering up Kanna in episode two, it should be abundantly clear that Kyoani will never cross a certain line – no nudity of any sort even bare ass. That may disappoint those who expected more from this adaptation. I certainly did not, and chose to cover it because the dragon girls are cute as heck and there’s enough of an effort to pander to fanservice here to be worthwhile. This is especially the case for Ilulu, who is basically impossible to de-lewd considering her colossal bust size.  So long as she is in the picture, and we have lovely fanartists willing to share their imaginations with us, I’m cool.

Speaking of which – here’s a recent one by an artist named “Thore” on Pixiv. I’ll post one weekly to satiate reader lust as we progress in this non nude show.

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