Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S Episode 3 Fanservice Review

Moe Moe Kyun

Episode three is chock full of moe service – a KyoAni specialty, and basically no ecchi service aside from Lucoa’s titties bouncing for two seconds. As a result there are only around fifty images in this post (my average being around 100) and a few webms. This may not be a disappointing turnout if you happen to enjoy moe fanservice and the general direction of Dragon Maid in TV anime form.

Saikawa is Kanna’s school friend. She is notable for having a massive, perpetually shiny forehead and being gay for Kanna. She doesn’t do a good job of hiding her thirst for the loli dragon.

Saikawa’s signature orgasmic spasms return once again. There are probably more shots of her making hentai climax faces in this franchise than anything else.

Before continuing to play with Kanna in what she thinks is an empty household, she goes to the restroom and finds a hiding dragon.

This is pretty much as lewd as the episode gets, aside from the below scene involving Lucoa who is an unstoppable force of lewdness.

Ilulu feels some guilt over trying to destroy the city back in episode one, potentially killing thousands of people for no good reason. She wants to play games with Kanna and Saikawa but doesn’t feel she deserves the right to do so. With some help from Lucoa she gets over that self imposed barrier.

Saikawa doesn’t need any convincing to befriend Ilulu – she’s a lesbian afterall, and she is able to convince Ilulu that losing your temper is not an unforgivable act. Its a part of being alive.

how precious. The edgelord is a now a marshmallow as her inner conflict fades away.

The rest of this episode is about Kobayashi wanting to cosplay as a maid, and then Tohru seeking a hobby for herself. There is no fanservice in this unless you find Kobayashi adorable. Perhaps the glasses fettish crowd will appreciate this stitch.

there’s a heartfelt message in all of this about shedding image insecurities and being true to your desires regardless of possible backlash – Kobayashi has long wanted to dress in a maid outfit, but felt that she wasn’t attractive enough to pull it off until now when surrounded by people that care about her.

but, who the hell cares about that and is reading this review? If there are 100 people who read these words I suspect like 3 might be invested in the underlying themes of a SOL cute dragons girls do cute dragon girl things show as opposed to the service itself.

At the end of every episode there’s this quiz thing that I never pay attention to, but its notable for having Lucoa in a skimpy outfit.

I enjoyed this episode as an anime fan, and someone that watches a fair share of moe anime. But I can imagine others finding the events of this episode to be pointless as all SOL shows can be accused of; hopefully next week can merge the two interest similar to how episode one went. Ilulu can certainly be both cute and lewd if allowed to be so. The same goes for Tohru and Elma.

Speaking of Elma, here is the promised lewd fanart to be shared each weak to satiate reader lust for a non nude show.

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