Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S Episode 5 Fanservice Review

Ilulu gets a job. Hilarity (and service) ensues

This episode vacillates between two plot events – a flashback to Elma and Tohru’s first encounter, and Ilulu being hired part time in a candy store where she meets a 16 y/o boy that is excited by her assets.

once upon a time, Tohru wandered into a village that was being aided by a harmony faction Dragon. She could not compute dragons and humans working together, much less a dragon living amongst them in peace. The two held contrasting perspectives on the responsibilities of a dragon that eventually led to an altercation.

some great character acting in this scene. Instead of having static images open and close their mouths, here Tohru changes her facial expression eight times in a span of about ten seconds and makes animated gestures like a living person. I appreciate the effort by Kyo Ani to go the extra mile here, as always.

ti;dr – Tohru is a cutie.

Technically speaking, this counts as a yuri kiss. I’ll take it.

Elma and Tohru clearly like each other regardless of their argumentative nature. a lot of this episode is meant to enforce that bond between them.

The second half of episode five is where most of the fanservice is, of course starting the big titty loli dragon sensation Ilulu.

Tohru does have a point in imploring Ilulu to work, as it gives her a sense of purpose and helps to ingratiate the dragons into the human world. Question becomes who the hell wants to hire someone like her.

Ilulu likes children. Ilulu likes candy. Ilulu works at candy story with children. Makes sense.

Take is the grandson of the owner of the candy store (the elderly lady pictured above) who is on the verge of retirement. He really didn’t want to work at the store himself….that is until the big titty dragon showed up.

As explained back in episode one, Ilulu’s titties hold her flame magic power. That’s the reason they are so big. Not the most ridiculous device for service I’ve seen.

A more service packed episode this week compared to the last couple. Take is a fun introduction to the cast due to his perverted reactions to Ilulu ,and the lewd situations he encourages to happen for comedy purposes.  He represents something Dragon Maid has been missing all along – a perverted teenage boy who is excited by the sexy dragons that surround him, who in turn serves as a self insert perspective that (mostly) mirrors the thoughts and wishful actions of the viewer. More of him please.

Next weeks preview showed Lucoa, so there’s a solid chance the OG big titty dragon has a featured role. She is oddly missing from the ecchi hijinks of this season.

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