Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S Episode 6 Fanservice Review

Lovely Lucoa takes the spotlight

Lucoa is the only sexy dragon who hasn’t been the focus of an episode yet. That changes this week as she continues to mercilessly tease the shota boy named Shouta, who decides to fight back a little and figure out her weakness.

Yeah. Quite the marked difference in source material and adaptation here of Lucoa mounting Shouta in bed. I’m always confused by the twitter outrage about this show, because it is sooooooooo toned down from the manga and there’s a concerted effort by Kyo Ani to make it family friendly.

Shota is like eight years old and cowers in fear every time Lucoa makes advances, so its kinda hard to take his plea for respect seriously.

The implication is obvious. But Shouta will probably never oblidge in the duration of Dragon Maid. There are hundreds of doujins that depict this relationship in graphic detail, though.

The next segment features Kanna and Saikawa who go on an adventure/playdate. Saikawa climaxes several times during this date, as is tradition.

As an ecchi fan, I am disappointed in adaptation for neutering the fanservice hijinks of the source material.Like there’s not even an attempt to maintain the spirit of lewdness in the manga.

As an anime fan, I genuinely do enjoy the wholesome family themes of Dragon Maid and the cuteness of the characters. So I still like watching this show and will continue to cover it with joy.

That said, here’s some weekly fanart from yande.re to boost fapservice reader morale after watching this butchered ecchi adaptation.

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