Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S Episode 7 Fanservice Review

Second helpings of Lucoa

This week features a heavy dose of the voluptuous dragon. once again, as Fafnir enlists her help to sell manga at a convention.

my reaction exactly. Edgelord faf-kun has gone from despising humankind to being fully immersed into otaku culture. quite the turnaround. He mainly wants use Lucoa as a template to create promiscuous designs.

the lack of self awareness here is palatable.

Lucoa makes a request here – to have her own table to sell manga at the convention alongside Fafnir. She chooses to sell lewd pictures of herself. Needless to say this is successful.

Fafnir…not so much. He has a lot to learn about the audience of Otakudom.

The next segment is about sleeping. No really – Tohru is worried about her not sleeping. Dragons do not need sleep as humans do, but Tohru’s peers are able to sleep peacefully in the presence of humans without any impending dangers. See Kanna and Ilulu below –

Tohru is eventually able to fall asleep after some reassuring talks with Kobayashi. You may have fallen asleep watching this if not already acclimated to SOL stories.

The next segment is about Kanna and her friends playing together and exploring an area haunted by a ghost. So, as banal as the last segment about sleeping. Hella cute tho.

Turns out the ghost is actually a fairy from the other world. Ilulu is able to send him back to his home and all is well.

What you see is what you get with Dragon Maid, at this point you should know what to expect. More moe moe kyun than dicks out ecchi fanservice, not necessarily a bad thing if you love moe fanservice. The next episode preview shows Lucoa in a bath, as well as Ilulu with her friend Takahashi, so that should be fun.

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