Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S Episode 8 Fanservice Review

More fun with dragon girls

This week marks the third straight episode that features Lucoa and Shouta – wonderful news for the shota x big oppai enthusiasts out there, and some wholesome moments between Take and Ilulu.

The first segment is about Shouta wanting to give his father something nice for fathers day. He needs the help of a spell in order to do so, and it proves to be rather challenging to figure it out.

Chichi means father. Chichi also means titties. This pun is played for laughs here as Lucoa thinks Shouta is celebrating titties.

Shouta is able to accomplish his goal – good kid, and more importantly is rewarded with an embrace from his dragon partner. She probably knows what fathers day is by now and prefers the lewder interpretation.

In the next segment, Kobayashi falls sick with a minor cold. Tohru is terrified and seeks drastic measures to find a cure.

In the final segment, Ilulu and Take find a lost doll. They look for the rightful owner and some painful memories trigger for Ilulu.

I ship it. Later in the manga, Ilulu pretty much realizes she likes Take. So they are primed to be an item someday. Dragon babies when?

Immaculate titty bouncing in this scene. If there was any doubt that Ilulu was besto girl, this scene should end the discussion.

In case you were wondering, the manga does not show nipples in this scene. So no censorship here!  If anything, its lewder than what the manga showed. This is a rare thing for Kyo ani.

Remember when Ilulu was an edgy dragon that hated humans and wanted to blow up the city? Her character development has been sharp over the course of the season; threat level the equivalent of a stick of cotton candy. With big titties.

I’m curious as to what other chapters will be covered in the remaining five episodes – hopefully ends on as strong a note as possible, given that we may not get a season three for several years. There’s a chapter about the dragons and Kobayashi visiting an onsen that would be great for fanservice. Here’s hoping that makes the cut.

Next weeks preview features Elma, who was missing this episode. So she figures to be in a prominent role. Great news for myself, an Elma fan.

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