Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S Episode 9 Fanservice Review

Happy Elma Day

This episode is full of best dragon Elma. If you like Elma, you love this episode. If you don’t like Elma, what the fuck is wrong with you? She’s precious.

in the first segment Elma campaigns for better work conditions to no avail.

Turns out Shouta’s father, secretly a powerful mage, is the boss of this company. He does not comply with Elma’s plan for better work conditions, but does note that the voluptuous Lucoa is “good” for his son’s wellbeing. Judging from his creepy smile I think he wants magician dragon grandbabies and is plotting to raise an army to take over the world.

Elma ultimately fails in her objective, but at least is able to enjoy some sweets while off work. That is until the kids arrive at her door to take them on an adventure.

I’m not a foot guy. But I am considerate of those that are and created that gif just for them. While Elma is enjoying herself the kids go off by themselves,. Her resulting anxiety is palatable.

After a series of hilarious events, she eventually finds them and prepares to scold them. But is pacified by an offer of sweets from Kanna. Predictable.

The next segment features Ilulu and Take, who tries to sneak a peak at his co-workers ample bosom. They take a backseat this week, not appearing in prominent roles elsewhere in the episode. Unfortunate as their dynamic is  my favorite part of this season.

The sexual tension is overwhelming. These two need to fuck already.

In the final segment you have Tohru and Elma settling their differences with a not so friendly sparring session. Elma feels hurt that Tohru abandoned her side in the past and treated her coldly while embracing humans. This fight has INCREDIBLE animation, but it doesn’t fit the spirit of the site so little of it will be captured here. Check out the gfycat link at the end of the review for the highlights of the fight if you want.

In true Dragon Maid fashion, differences are promptly resolved with wholesome fun. Elma and Tohru are treated to a tickling session after their near fight to the death.



Really not a lot of  ecchi fanservice in this episode – somewhat predictable considering that Elma is the least lewded of the dragon girls, but it was a treat for fans of the character. Though I enjoyed watching the sakuga in the epic fighting scene, I found it to be out of place considering the rest of the episode was SOL fluff and there was no build up before hand. It would have fit better in another episode like the one that showed Tohru and Elmas first meeting together.

In any case, there are only three episodes left. Hopefully those remaining three are as cute and lewd as possible to end the season on a strong note. We haven’t had a beach episode yet, and there is a beach manga chapter that has yet to be adapted, so that could be on the horizon.

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