Majikoi! Episode 7&8 Fanservice Review

Very minor fanservice, fighting, and plot development defines these next two episodes.

Episode 07:

When Miyako isn’t around to introduce a new episode, you know the fanservice has dried up. Instead, we get Momoyo rolling around in her underwear complaining there isn’t anyone to fight. This is a meager substitute at best, but I’d take a pretty girl in panties over nothing, wouldn’t you?

Kesshin Kawakami, Momoyo’s grandfather and principal of Kawakami Academy, (the school featured in most of these episodes) enters Momoyo’s room without knocking which prompts Momoyo to shout angrily that this is a “young maiden’s” room. Kesshin himself seems disappointed that she had already finished changing when he entered. Momoyo asks him for a fight, but Kesshin predicts the entire city would be wiped out if they fought seriously. Seemingly taking advantage of Momoyo’s desperation, he accepts a fight of three seconds under a condition: that should he win, Momoyo would wear the school’s swimsuit for an entire day. Momoyo predicts that under these conditions he wouldn’t fight seriously and withdraws, concluding that a three second fight would only leave her wanting more.


See those tits? Cherish them – they’re some of the last you’ll see in this adaptation. 


These three are the Itagaki sisters of the Itagaki house, the mysterious fighters seen at the end of episode 02. They are antagonists in certain scenario’s in the visual novel, sometimes friendly, or at the very least serve as a foil to the Kazama Family. They’ll play a much larger role in the anime from this point.


It’s not directly stated what they’re at sea for at this point, but they end up hauling in some cargo that was probably stashed here for smuggling.


Momoyo wants to relieve her frustration through teasing Yamato, but Momoyo is stopped each time as other girls of the Kazama Family grab his attention first.


Maro, the same teacher that tasked students to find his dog in episode 02, discovers that porn magazines are being circulated in school. He now tasks the students to find and punish those who are distributing them. Wanko emphatically declares she’ll accomplish this “at all costs.” The reason is that Wanko had pictures of her mushroom eating from the previous episode leaked to the internet – the other girls are not aware that they’ve had similar pictures published on the internet as well, and react in shame and embarrassment with the exception of Miyako, who says it turns her on.


Tatsuko rarely opens her eyes. Usually when she does, she’s either very upset or is preparing to fight seriously.
Yamato follows a lead regarding the identity of a porn magazine distributor and decides to tail them. The distributor in this case is Angel, (nicknamed Ten, among others) one of the Itagaki sisters seen earlier. Aware that she was being tailed, Yamato is led into a trap and is captured. Yamato determines during this capture, that the Itagaki house is responsible for the circulation of porn magazines in the school. 


However, Yamato was unaware that he was being tailed as well by Yukie, who conveniently encountered the remaining Kazama family girls (sans Momoyo) and attacked the Itagaki hideout to save Yamato. In the chaos, the place is destroyed and the fight is continued outside.


Tatsuko, who almost never takes any of the Itagaki schemes very seriously, goes directly for Yamato because she thinks he’s cute and kisses him. In both the anime and visual novel’s, she is instantly smitten with him, and on that note, she’s one of the female characters (along with Miyako, Benkei who is visual novel only, and Momoyo) that is always interested in Yamato regardless of what scenario he’s in or what route he’s on. Also, she is one of the many older women in the story that likes him because he’s like a little brother. Given that many other heroines are older than Yamato, and how frequently he’s doted on by these older women, it’s easy to see what fetish this writer has.


The girls react in shock to Tatsuko’s kiss, but Miyako is particularly incensed and charges her. Shakadou (guy with the gun) takes advantage of the situation and takes a shot at Miyako from behind. Miyako is able to react in time, but her moving out of the way only allows the bullet a straight path towards Yamato. Momoyo arrives to save the day by deflecting the bullet, and attacks Shakadou. Momoyo’s attack is intercepted by an as of yet unnamed fighter, whose name is revealed shortly after. I’ll save the name for next episode though, as there’s a lot I have to say about her.


For the credits, we begin the undressing of the girls during the end card. Unfortunately for us, Wanko doesn’t seem to be interested in exposing herself fully, but at least some of the other girls do in later episodes.


Episode 08:


This episode is mostly fighting, as well as my explanation on the strange situation surrounding this silver haired character.


As if Momoyo weren’t strong enough already, she reveals an ability that allows her to near instantly heal herself.


This is Saki Mimori, girlfriend of the silver hair. They served together in the Japanese military. She is anime original and does not appear in the visual novel at all, and is mentioned in only one line in Majikoi! S. She plays second fiddle to silver hair, and she would later get the shaft completely (in the visual novel) for reasons explained below.


Silver hair’s name is Takae Tachibana, with a helpful reminder alongside her name that she’s a female. The image below is her profile in Majikoi! S. The outfit is quite different from anything she wears in the anime, and you’d be forgiven if you did not realize the two were the same at first glance. All the numbers and stats are the same, except for the birthday for whatever reason. For the massive wall of text that will be written, tl;dr is below, found above the h-CG. If you’ve scrolled past the CG of Tachibana being plowed in God’s sanctioned method, you’ve gone too far.


Extreme, extensively long autism note: This character was handled very strangely. I mentioned during the first episode that the sequel to the original visual novel was released very shortly after the release of the anime. Some characters that technically debut in the anime, (Lee, Stacy, and Tsubame from episode 1. In the case of Lee and Stacy, they actually debuted in the original visual novel, but only had a few lines and had no character sprites and their personalities were completely different, so I consider their portrayal in S and onward their true selves, which would make the anime their “real” debut) receive little to no characterization in the anime but have a major role or route in S. Tachibana is the opposite, with the anime establishing her character and background, but her very brief “route” in S is so short she’s barely a character, and in many ways is different than how she is presented in the anime.



To start with, the only acknowledgement of the events of the anime in the Majikoi! S visual novel exist in Tachibana’s incredibly short route, which itself is suspect for reasons I will detail later. The anime plot and Tachibana’s relation to it are directly referenced in only a few lines, with another character saying that “it all happened so recently, but feels like it happened so long ago.” The following narration is equally brusque, and seems to almost dismiss the events entirely, telling the reader that this “was a real thing that really happened.” 


Tachibana’s personality is quite different in the visual novel. Her defining characteristic is her comically bad luck. While not causing anything significant like depression, it is the cause of her brooding demeanor. This leads her to generally avoid others and regard any potentially fortunate situation with suspicion. Her attitude is befittingly somber because of this bad luck, and even at the insistence of kindness others show her she rejects it out of both sadness, and fear that her misfortune will hurt others. This is very much unlike her portrayal in the anime, even from what little we’ve seen of her to this point. 



Tachibana is also explicitly a lesbian in the anime, but in the visual novel (at least her S portrayal) her sexuality is unclear. The eyepatch’d Saki above is mentioned by Tachibana when she shows a cat that she saved from being hit by a car. Tachibana says that she named the cat “Saki” after her “partner” who is currently in America. The word used here is “aibou” (相棒) which seems to carry the feeling of friend rather than romantic partner. Of course, she could be concealing their relationship for whatever reason. Late in the route, Ageha asks Yamato to help Tachibana. Yamato agrees because he’s always wanted a big sister, and says that when he looks at her, she looks like one. Ageha mentions when describing Tachibana’s profile that she is the kind of person that would “seek out a little brother or sister.” Tachibana also blushes when Yamato refers to her directly as “sister.” None of this is conclusive, but Majikoi! S had many shorter routes that end before any romantic development, allowing the later Majikoi! A fandiscs to continue with certain heroine’s routes. Given how Tachibana’s route ends here, with Yamato inviting her to live in his dorm to help her and Tachibana accepting, the scenario writers obviously intended for this to be the case with Tachibana, and considering how nearly every single girl seen in the anime and visual novel has a route, it’s not a stretch to say this was intended with Tachibana, perhaps with some revelation that she’s a bisexual, or that the visual novel iteration of Tachibana was not gay.



The production of Majikoi! S and the anime may have occurred simultaneously. Characters from S appearing in the anime before S was released supports this idea. It may never be known why the portrayals of Tachibana are so different, but I have reason to believe that the scenario writer probably didn’t like her anime depiction, or at the very least was willing (and did) to change it.



Tachibana’s next appearance would be three years later in Majikoi! A-3. In Lee’s route, (featured in episode 01, short black haired maid) Tachibana is fished up after diving into the sea looking for a catch, however she passed out from hunger and drifted into Kawakami. The interesting part is what Lee says about her following this. She says that “[Tachibana] was judged to be dangerous and was forcefully neutralized by the 0th ranked servant of the Kuki Corporation,” and that she is “kept under Kuki supervision.” This 0th ranked servant doesn’t appear in the anime, but his name is Hyumu Hellsing and he first appears in Majikoi! S. This is a different origin than both her anime and S counterparts, because in the anime Hyumu never appears, so Lee mentioning this invalidates her anime origins, while in S it’s reasonable to assume that Tachibana has met Hyumu given they are members of the same corporation, but no mention is made of her being forcefully subdued by him, which invalidates her S origins as well.


Finally, in A-5, she is given a proper full length route which follows her brief background given in the above A-3 scenario. On a side note, I thoroughly enjoyed her route, and am actually disappointed it was not on par with some of the better routes in the A series like Lee, but it’s serviceable. Regardless, whatever was planned for her after S was clearly abandoned some time after S was released, for what reason this was done will probably never be known. But, I have a theory and it’s quite simple.


I mentioned above that nearly every girl in this series gets a route. This means sex, so if there’s a girl here that’s struck your fancy, you know what to do. The most glaring issue in setting up Tachibana for a later route in S would be “dealing” with her possibly being homosexual via her anime depiction. This is not addressed in S, probably because the writer didn’t know what to do with her quite yet, or just figured he’d think of something later. Regardless, it would be hard to justify to paying customers why Tachibana would get a route and not have sex scenes, when almost every girl in this series has a route in which she has sex with Yamato. Especially given the solution could be just as easy as “lol she’s not gay she was just confused,” or “lol she’s bisexual and she picked you.” If you think that’s bad writing fair enough, but I’ve seen far worse.


To conclude, Tachibana arguably has three different versions: anime, S, and A-3 (a later visual novel) and onward, making it rather confusing for anyone wanting to follow her story. The scenario writer likely knew the issues that would result and probably said fuck it, we’ll write up a new story anyway for her in the A series, possibly because he didn’t like her anime portrayal, but probably because he had to find a reason for Yamato to fuck her. Not that I’m complaining, as she’s one of my favorites in this series. If you’re following so far this also means Saki gets the unperson treatment, because she isn’t explicitly mentioned after the changes made to Tachibana’s background.


I’m assuming most of you couldn’t endure the unbridled autism above and didn’t bother reading that wall of text. Regardless, your reward for making it this far is an h-CG of Tachibana’s route in the visual novel. Nice, vanilla, unprotected, and out of wedlock just like God would want. Thankfully, she’s also got a special insemination resistant womb found in nearly every eroge. She’s got multiple scenes but I feel this is the best one, as the angles seen in the others aren’t nearly as good as this one. I may include them in the later posts though.




Momoyo and Tachibana continue their fight for the remainder of the episode. Yamato is caught in the crossfire and hit by a missile and ends up hospitalized. This concludes the episode and leads to a Miyako end card.


We’re getting closer to the end here, and fanservice will continue its decline. Once again, I’ll do my best to compensate for this by adding some visual novel CG’s containing sex and nudity throughout the following posts. I’ll also try to further explain Tachibana’s background in the next post. I didn’t do it here because of the massive explanation of her anime and visual novel differences.


Until then, see you next time.