Majikoi! Episode 9&10 Fanservice Review

Fighting, mild service, and some yuri.

Episode 09:

The girls sit beside an injured Yamato, distraught over his condition. In their despair, the girls all declare their love for him, not knowing every other girl feels the same. Yamato even flatlines for a moment before recovering. The girls quickly recover from the shock and react in equal part disgust and bewilderment at the sight of Yamato popping a boner. Wanko, the most innocent of all the Kazama family women, is particularly embarassed.


The girls have realized that they are all rivals for Yamato’s affection. Each of them attempts to leave using various excuses, but each are angrily cut short as they realize the others are simply trying to visit Yamato in the hospital to win his love. Meanwhile, Saki and Tachibana engage in some yuri action.


The Itagaki’s mention here that their smuggling was only the beginning, and that their next line of work will earn them a large amount of money, setting up their role in the story for the remaining episodes.

The girls all visit Yamato disguised as nurses, as visitation hours are over. I cannot imagine that their nurse uniforms are standard issue given how low cut they are, but I doubt the hospital would receive any complaints. Miyako is the first to enter, aggressively attempting to take a urine sample and offering to “give him a hand.” The other girls enter, offering him food. Wanko here makes a reference to her route in the original visual novel by stating that she calculated his nutritional needs and made the best food for him, which is a nice touch.

Each of the girl states boldly their claim for Yamato. Wanko says Yamato helped her train in private, Yukie says he saw her panties when they first met, and Chris says they were both naked in a private room. Miyako is upset at Chris’ implications and immediately begins to strip, stating that if getting naked in front of him is what it takes to marry Yamato, then she’d do it right there.

Cookie alerts everyone present that Tachibana has returned and is causing chaos in Shinjuku. Miyako immediately leaves, swearing revenge for Yamato. She is followed by the remainder of the girls present, who swear vengeance as well.

See the bartender on the left? She bears more than a passing resemblance to Benkei (pictured below, and who I’ve mentioned before in this review series), a character that is introduced in Majikoi! S. I would say that it actually is her considering the circumstances, but she is not directly named like the others that made their visual novel debut in S and appeared in the anime. There are also a number of reasonable conclusions given the setting of Benkei’s route.

Benkei works as a bartender during the events of Majikoi A-1, which was released roughly a year after both the anime and Majikoi! S. It’s possible that the ideas for Benkei’s route in A-1 were already set, and that the above shot is just an early reference to her route. It’s also possible that it was not, and that the scenario writer liked the design of the outfit so much he had it adopted for the visual novel. This may have been explained in somewhere in an interview, but I’m not aware of any explanation, so it’s impossible for me to arrive at any one conclusion.

Momoyo is the first to confront Tachibana. Momoyo asks Tachibana what her goal is in causing so much destruction in Japan. Tachibana responds by stating that she is declaring war on the entire country before a brief skirmish ensues leading to the end of tye episode.

Another Yukie end card this time. A quick side note, Yukie’s assets are commonly remarked upon, with both Momoyo and Yamato complimenting the size and shape of her ass, and her sister is disappointed her tits aren’t as big.

Episode 10:

The girls make their way toward the fighting, frustrated by the amount of time it’s taking to reach the battlefield.

Yamato discovered last episode that Saki provides indispensable support for Tachibana through her left eye and ear, which are enhanced with the ability to analyze what she sees and hears through a computer. Saki communicates the best moves for Tachibana with this, making her an obvious target. After seeing Yamato traveling through sky with Cookie, the girls follow their trail. We’re also given a brief flashback to the past of Saki and Tachibana who were engaged in battle with an enemy force, which tragically ended in Tachibana shielding Saki from an explosion.Yamato and Cookie are able to restrain Saki, and through Cookie, Yamato sees that Tachibana is losing the battle to Momoyo without Saki’s help. While this is happening, the Itagaki family force a man that has direct contact with the Prime Minister of Japan to approve his desire to land something¬†on the coast, the Prime Minister hastily approves, obviously more concerned with the destruction on the mainland.

Not even sure this qualifies as a “blink-and-you-miss-it” shot as this lasts only 2 frames. Even worse is that this is not a particularly good panty shot, and the remainder of this scene had potential for more, but does not deliver.

Saki breaks free from her confinement and attacks Yamato, but is rebuffed by the girls of the Kazama family. A fight begins but is ended soon after when Saki restrains Yamato and threatens to kill him unless the girls drop their weapons. Each of them immediately surrenders to the disgust of Saki, who states that she, unlike the girls, is wholly devoted to her mission. Tachibana moves to assist Saki who is followed by Momoyo, who is shocked at Yamato’s state and swears to punish them both for hurting him. The other girls of the Kazama Family stop Momoyo from starting a fight, fearing for Yamato’s life. Ageha arrives from a helicopter to help in fighting Tachibana, and Momoyo immediately moves to restrain Saki. Momoyo believes the tables have turned, but Tachibana turns and shoots at Momoyo and Saki, and Momoyo responds by tossing Saki to the side and taking the shots herself.

Tachibana rescues Saki and escapes, and Momoyo is no worse for wear after healing herself. Momoyo rushes to Yamato’s aid, and recalls how close the other girls were acting with Yamato. After telling the other girls to back away from Yamato and declaring the he is hers, Yukie (through Matsukaze) accosts Momoyo, accusing her of treating Yamato more like a pet, and reminding her that she rejected Yamato twice. Momoyo, understanding the positions this places her in, declares herself a rival for Yamato’s affection.

The ending card gives us a good shot of a nude Chris. While this is a nice reward for fans of Chris, she has by far the most nude scenes and unique shots so far. They are also of appreciable quality, with gif worthy bounce and some nice angles. I say this only because giving us nudity of the others would have been a nice change of pace, given that both Wanko and Momoyo were last nude in episode 02. What’s more bizarre is how easy it would have been to have made Miyako, Wanko, and Yukie fully nude in the past few end cards.

Regardless, the next post will be the last, including both episodes 11 & 12. It has some very brief nudity of Tachibana and Saki, but with how brief it is, may just disappoint you.

But until then, see you next time.