Mushoku Tensei Episode 12 Fanservice Review

Eris is excited for a new season, and for what might happen at the end of it.

If you’re wondering why this is being covered here now there are two reasons: I was not a writer prior to the premiere earlier this year, and there is a scene towards the end I hope is reached, but that one could be a BD exclusive. That said, let’s begin with Mushoku Tensei – though this episode is unfortunately scarce on service.

This stitch was a bit unnecessary I admit. This is the last frame before she takes her belt off and new movement restricts any further additional frames from being added.

Eris is excited at the sight of the ocean, as she has never seen it before. When she begins stripping to go for a swim, Rudy asks she plans to do so without a swimsuit. Eris responds by saying she doesn’t need one, and Rudy realizes this means she’ll be naked and is immediately aroused. Ruijerd warns against it, informing both that there are monsters in the ocean. Both are visibly disappointed, but obviously for different reasons.


The trio seek transportation across the ocean, but are held back by the enormous price that would be charged for Ruijerd’s fare. Unable to find a solution for the problem, it is decided that the trio should wait and think of a plan, whatever it may be.


What occurred here is a dream of Rudy’s old self having a conversation with Hitogami. They discuss past events and the god tells Rudy to buy some food and walk through the back alleys. I did not include any stills from that scene because Rudy’s old self is naked. If you want to see a picture of a fat, sweaty, naked otaku then feel free to Google search for them.


Rudy mentions he’s going into town, and Eris speculates on what he’s doing. Ruijerd tells Eris to focus on the battle. Towards the end, Eris manages to land a hit and jumps for joy feeling that she’s growing stronger.


Rudy does a double take here, with the blue haired woman reminding him of Roxy.

Rudy encounters a mysterious hooded figure in the alleys. After witnessing another demon ignore its plea for food, Rudy steps in and offers the food he purchased earlier.


The hooded figure reveals herself as Kishirika, Empress of the Demon Realm. Rudy assumes she’s roleplaying and plays along. Kishirika offers to grant Rudy a wish for his help. His first two wishes, for great wealth and “half the world,” are rejected because she has neither.


Rudy’s third wish, only half jokingly, is for sex. Kishirika seems willing to oblige as she begins to undress, before remembering she’s engaged “in this cycle,” to the disappointment of Rudy.

Rudy is given the gift of demon eyes. Kishirika does not explain what these are, and Rudy is left in confusion. The narrative however, explains that he’s received the “Eye of Foresight.”


Only shortly after the encounter, Rudy is already having issues coordinating himself. After accidentally bumping into a guy on the streets, he explains to him that he’s got an eye issue. Rudy begins spacing out, as he sees a future in which a pot is dropped from above and strikes him on the head, but Rudy pushes him away to prevent him from being hit.


Rudy explains his encounter to Eris and Ruijerd. Eris seems solely concerned with finding Kishirika, but Rudy think she won’t be easy to find. None of the three can imagine why she happens to be in the city.


Rudy has become used to his new demon eye powers after a week, and he spars Eris. This time, he manages to win, and even sees through Eris’ fake handshake. After being subdued, Eris pouts and storms off in anger. Ruijerd congratulates Rudy on a well fought battle, and in his excitement, Rudy wants to spar with Ruijerd. The two images below are the before and after of this encounter.


Rudy and Eris have a small heart to heart, with Rudy attempting to comfort Eris’ wounded pride. This is unsuccessful, and Eris says it isn’t fair while expressing her desire to “catch up” to Rudy. Rudy himself seems to acknowledge how unfair his actions were, scolding himself for feeling happy in his victory over Eris using a new power, when he should be doing all he can to get her home.


Rudy sneaks out at night but is caught by Ruijerd. Rudy intended to sell the staff given to him by Eris, and Ruijerd asks him if he’d sell Roxy’s necklace under the same circumstances as well. When Rudy says yes, Ruijerd is offended that Rudy seeks to do everything by himself. Rudy explains that selling the staff is the only option, while Ruijerd says that selling the staff would greatly offend Eris. They come to an agreement by allowing Rudy to seek out smugglers, but are interrupted by the gentleman from earlier in the episode, who reveals himself as “Gallus Cleaner,” who had been seeking Rudy to thank him for his help.


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And we’re at the end of the episode already. It’s a somewhat slow episode, but that is sometimes the nature of progression through a series. A proper setup must always be established for a viewer to be satisfied with what they are watching. We have been presented with a number of interesting setups in this very episode, and we’ll definitely see them play out down the line.

Until then, see you next time.