Mushoku Tensei Episode 13 Fanservice Review

Our first glimpse of our elf girl in action, and Rudy imagining some action with Eris.

At the end of the season, he won’t be imagining it.

Our second episode spends its first half showing what Roxy and her group were doing during the first episode, and continuing Rudy’s plot in the second half.

Roxy seems disappointed when comparing her thighs to Elina’s.

A group tries to entice Roxy to join their party, and Elina mockingly admires Roxy for managing to attract a suitor. Later, Roxy asks her allies what Paul was like when they were grouped with each other. When both say that he was scum, Roxy realizes that they must have some kind of affection for him, else why agree to help search for his family.


Roxy and her group discuss the current situation. Roxy is suspicious of a group that shares its name with an infamous demon (Ruijerd). They all agree to keep clear of the group in fear that it may attract negative attention, not knowing that one of its members is one of the people she’s looking for (Rudy).


An obvious callback to the previous episode, which reveals why Roxy was sprinting through the alleyway. She stumbles on Eris and Ruijerd training, and notices both match the description two members of the before mentioned group: Dead End. Fleeing in fear, Roxy stumbles on Elina feeding her addiction (and curse).


For the above two captures, I can say that the room will be properly (if somewhat dimly) lit for the BD release. You can tell because the demons have unique coloring (more easily seen if you oversaturate the image), and if you look closely enough, you can make out the details of Elina’s face. Sadly, her left arm and hair will be enough to cover her breasts, unless they decide to add another angle. Fortunately, we are compensated for the lack of Elina’s nudity, with the sight of 3 demons visibly masturbating.

First, because most of the appeal of the above webm is audio, I enabled sound for it. Second, I did some editing to see what exactly was going on in the first part of the webm, but I cannot determine what exactly is happening. Obviously thrusting of some sort, but it seems either zoomed in, or some kind of exotic angle. Because of this confusion, and that nothing is seen, I left the images out.

Roxy is upset at Elina and blames her for what happened, and bemoans the cost of the repair bill for the inn she partially destroyed. Roxy wonders why Elina needed 5 men to accompany her, to which Elina responds by saying that Roxy would need to “find her first” to understand, and invites Roxy to join in on her next session, but Roxy bluntly declines. Roxy then reveals how she’d like to meet her “first,” and describes a man with specific qualities, and the scenario in which they’d meet.


If it weren’t obvious enough, these physical qualities match Rudy, but the scenario is precisely how Roxy will eventually fall in love with Rudy, although it happens under more tragic circumstances. Also, the loss of her virginity to Rudy is probably not as romantic as she’d have liked. Their love is overall a success, however.


The story cuts back to Rudy and Eris, who oversee the smuggling of Ruijerd aboard a ship. In exchange, they must do a job for the man who granted them this favor. That is, to retrieve some smuggled goods when they reach port.


Rudy envisions a sea voyage in a hopelessly romantic fashion. He concocts a preposterous story filled with tropes, culminating in earning Eris’ sexual favor. This is of course a daydream from Rudy. The reality of an inexperienced voyager on a ship sets in as well as the seasickness that naturally follows. We did get some nice looks at Eris though, be thankful.


Rudy excuses himself after witnessing the above sights. The image of the whale spouting, and Rudy’s satisfied face shortly after seeing Eris in a state of slight undress, should be enough to tell you what Rudy stepped away to do.


The details of Rudy’s agreement become clear through a conversation with Ruijerd. There are a number of beast children they must liberate. The smugglers will obviously not let them go, meaning they must kill all the guards there. Rudy has difficulty with following through with this decision, despite wanting to keep Ruijerd’s reputation as clean as possible. Ruijerd insists on doing it himself, however, and Rudy can only wince as he witness Ruijerd begin the killing.


The beast girls recall that there was a dog as well being kept in the smuggler’s den. Rudy offers to go back to free it.


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Rudy encounters a strange beast man after freeing the “Sacred Beast.” This man is able to restrain Rudy and he intends to take him back to his village to question him, as he suspects him to be a smuggler with knowledge of where the beast girls are. This is the last scene of the episode.

With episode 13 down, we’ve been given a decent episode of the sultry elf and Rudy’s wild imagination. There will of course, be more shenanigans to come as the season progresses. I will be here to help share it with you all.

Until then, see you next time.