Mushoku Tensei Episode 14 Fanservice Review

POV: Eris said yes.

This week’s episode gives us almost nothing when it comes to fanservice. Other than some cute Eris at the end, and a beast babe’s bouncing breasts, you’re better off skipping this review if you’re only here for the T&A. We do get some good action, though.

We get some nice shots of the beast village for the intro, helped by the women wearing minimal clothing and being physically fit and attractive.


Amidst the uncertainty of wrongful imprisonment, the sight of an attractive young woman could bring a smile to any man’s face.


While Rudy ponders what Eris and Ruijerd are doing, (hoping that they are actively attempting to find and rescue him) another man is tossed in prison with him. Rudy and the new guy, Geese, bond over their imprisonment, and Rudy asks Geese if he’s seen or heard of a bald guy and a red-headed girl that may be looking for someone.


A fair amount of the above scene includes Geese massaging Rudy. I excluded this because the sight of Geese literally mounted on Rudy from behind as he vigorously massages Rudy’s back did not appeal to me. If it’s something you’d like to see, you will have to watch the episode.

But for the story, Rudy realizes shortly after the massage that it feels hot, and he can see smoke. Geese points out a complete inferno below them engulfing almost the entirety of the village, that somehow had eluded their sight and smell to that point. An ember reaches their prison cell and threatens to burn them both alive, but Rudy makes a key with magic and breaks out.


Rudy and Geese arrive to witness a group of bandits, likely affiliated with the group from the previous episode, capturing beast children. Rudy confesses his annoyance with the village for imprisoning him, but is ultimately compelled to rescue them. He summons a torrential rainfall that douses the fires across the village.


The lack of fire allows for the beast man to smell clearly again, leading the beast man to exclaim that the bandits are no longer a match for him, as he slays them with ease and secures most of the children.


The trouble is not over, however. The smuggler from the past two episodes reveals himself as the mastermind of the smuggling beast children operation. He invites Rudy to join him, indicating that nobles pay good money for beast children, and implying they are used as sex slaves. Rudy rejects his offer, and the beast men charge him. He is a strong enemy though, and is able to fight them all off.


Through the help of the Sacred Beast, and a timely distraction from Geese, Rudy is able to put down the smuggler for good, but in so doing exhausts himself and passes out.


Eris explains what happened during Rudy’s imprisonment. Ruijerd and Eris were caught up in some trouble after Rudy was captured. Ruijerd almost came to blows with some beast men, but after that was cleared up, they killed the remainder of the smugglers. However, the nearby port city nearly accused Ruijerd for doing the smuggling himself. Eris stayed behind and guarded the beast children while Ruijerd was doing all of this.


After everything is cleared up and explained, Eris and Rudy share in their amazement at being guests in a beast village. Eris wishes to see her grandfather again to brag about her adventures here.


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Unfortunately, shortly after Eris expresses her desire to see her grandfather again, we are presented a dramatic cutaway in which the very same grandfather is executed for failing to address the mana disaster appropriately. Ending the episode on a rather sour note.

This leads to the end of this episode, and the anime leaves not even a hint as to what could follow. This was a very dry episode for what this website is interested in covering. However, it was known walking in that there would be episodes that would be this way. Take the story for what it is, and the service when it comes, and I’m sure things will be alright.

Until then, see you next time.